Just days before our great, big, outdoor wedding, we were sure of three things: one, we had more guests than we prepared for; two, we had no tent in the event of rain; three, it was definitely going to rain.

I’ve never been a great planner, but, even for me, this was looking bad.

We considered cancelling the party.

We invented ways to un-invite friends so as to keep it “family only.”

We tried to trick ourselves into finding it reasonable for 100+ people to share 1 small bathroom.

Then, when we wracked our brains to think of spaces in Lancaster that would be able to hold the whole count of our party, we thought of Tellus360.

Like sunbeams bursting through rain clouds, we saw the option of Tellus as a beautiful, albeit presumably unavailable, venue.

But we called anyway.

And Bill answered.

So we asked the ridiculous question.

And he gave us the incredible answer: yes.

With literally three days notice and within a ten-minute conversation, we had established a room, a time, a price, and a staff. The Tellus team graciously allowed us to bring the band we booked. They were there when we arrived to help us set up, and stayed to make sure that our needs were met throughout the party. And really, it was quite a party.

We look back on our wedding day as happily as any couple whose plans weren’t completely derailed would. Tellus360 exceeded our expectations with elegance, sweetness, and charm. From the whimsical lighting, to the floor-to-ceiling mural by Aaron Shiflet, to the rustic wood and the red velvet banquet, the space was inviting and warm. Bill and the staff took exceptional care of my (new!) wife and I, and all our people.

We are beyond grateful that our “big day” played out so differently than our months of planning had intended. We count ourselves lucky that it rained. And now, by way of this wonderfully vibrant place, Lancaster has an indelible part in our wedding story.

Truly, in so many ways, Tellus360 is instrumental to the heart of Lancaster County. It beats, it rocks, it explores, it plays, it jams, it thinks, it sings, it nourishes, it tries, it works, it loves.

We sure do love Tellus360.

-Liz Fulmer

-Photography credit: Michelle Johnsen