This post is a guest post from Jon Robbins, about a very special day in his life.

Two years ago: I moved back to my hometown of Lancaster, PA, after being away for a few years. Carolyn and I met during my first visit to Wheatland Presbyterian Church in Lancaster city. We sat next to each other and talked for a bit afterwards. Right away I thought she was really interesting, and we ended up having mutual friends at church so we all hung out a lot that summer. 

A few months later I had decided to sell my car, and it happened to be the exact make and model Carolyn was looking for! We got to spend some time together while she checked out the car and rode in it with me, and then again when she bought it. We celebrated by going rock climbing together-it was my first time in years, and I was hoping to be really good at it and impress her.  However, I can’t say that’s exactly how the day unfolded. Carolyn spent the first half of the day trying to teach me to make a figure eight knot, and the second half of the day trying to stop me from swinging back and forth after I would fall off the climbing wall. All in all, it was a fun day, and we laughed a lot. I ended up really missing that car after selling it, but was happy with the fact that it ended up with Carolyn. 

proposal 3

Fast forward a little, and we went on our last first date at Tellus360! We had a great time. We started out at the rooftop bar in the evening for drinks, and then afterwards went to a theramin concert downstairs. We had a fun time together, and I don’t think either of us will forget that first date. Also, when we started dating, I did most of the driving around-so it felt like I got my old car back, plus an awesome girlfriend.  Pretty good deal for me!  
After dating for a year and a half, I knew the place I wanted to propose would be right back at that rooftop. I contacted Bill Speakman from Tellus, letting him know what I wanted to do and he was immediately on board. He cleared the rooftop for me on St. Paddy’s day, and even helped me set up the paper lanterns and lights I had brought, to try to give the setting a romantic feel. I had made up some story to get Carolyn to meet me at the rooftop, but since it was St Paddy’s day and I was at an Irish bar, she had to fight some serious traffic. I ended up waiting on the rooftop for about forever. At least that’s what it seemed like to me because I was nervous and my heart was racing! 
 proposal 1
Next door to Tellus, and one story higher, there is another rooftop bar called Altana.  While I was waiting for Carolyn to meet me, a few people above me at the other rooftop yelled down, asking what was going on down there with all the lights. I explained, and soon there was a decent sized crowd of spectators, cheering me on, and also asking when would she get here because it was freezing outside.
Finally Carolyn opened the door to the roof, and I forgot all about the waiting and the cold. She said “Yes!” and our fans next door cheered us on, and it couldn’t have gone any better! The owner of Tellus even sent us up a bottle of champagne to celebrate. Carolyn and I have had some great memories there together, and Tellus will always be a special place to us.
 proposal 2