This is a guest post from Jenny Foster, photographer at Industrial Resolution.

IMG_1719Snow is pretty but blizzards can be a little inconvenient for everyone. With my new job as a photographer for Industrial Resolution, I wasn’t too comfortable driving into the city in what was declared a “Snow Emergency,” but I braved the weather anyway so I wouldn’t miss anything.

There is a learning curve here to keep up with this fast-paced, innovative company and I’d really like to try to keep up. Once I made it to work I found Owen sitting in the lobby of our office in the Griest Building. He belongs to Heidi Martin. She is the office executive assistant at Indy Res and an all around great lady. With the School District of Lancaster schools closed due to snow, this fantastic nine-year-old boy is stuck here with us boring adults. So I figured I could maybe shake things up and ask him to be my photo assistant for the morning. Without any hesitation, he agreed to go with me without have a clue what he was getting himself into. That’s a cool kid in my book – just game for anything.

So after morning scrum (Indy Res morning staff meeting), I gathered my camera and equipment and Owen put on his really cool snow shoes and we headed off to second floor of Tellus360. Our assignment: to capture the renovations of the new office space for Industrial Resolution along with the highly anticipated tech-focused coworking space, Pubforge. Owen was delighted to see all the activity going on and even more delighted to help out.

We were immediately greeted by Fletcher Matlack, the project foreman. He asked Owen if he would like to learn how to help chisel a logo into a hand crafted wooden door. Owen jumped right into it, he didn’t seem to skip a beat. Owen then went onto a spackling lesson by a man drywalling. He was not in school but he was certainly open to learning.

With Owen entertained, I took the pictures I needed to take around the space. By the time we were technically finished with what we needed to accomplish, however, he looked a little bummed to leave, so I figured he might be game for a little photography lesson. I put my camera strap around him and told him to treat my camera and the lens like a precious tiny baby. Camera equipment is not cheap these days!

He seemed to take this lesson seriously. We talked about how to focus the camera and a little bit about trying to zoom. We decided it might be interesting to walk around and take some pictures of Tellus360 – maybe see this beautiful building through a pair of fresh eyes. Everywhere you look in Tellus360 and Tig Caleb there is something clever and artistic displayed. It was interesting to see this nine-year-old boy really start to see things in a different light. I’m rather proud of Owen and his perspective. Im also very thankful to spend time in the inspiring atmosphere the crew at Tellus360 has created for everyone to enjoy. All in all, I think little Owen had a pretty good snow day. Here are some of Owen’s images.

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