tellus signNovember 5th, marks our 5th year here in Lancaster. Five years old! And to celebrate, we asked some of our staff and friends to help us out by giving us some of their Top 5 lists. At the end, you’ll get your chance to share your Top 5 List from Tellus360.

In the comment section below, submit your Top 5, and on Monday, November 9th, at noon, we’ll randomly select one of you to win a $25 gift card to Tellus. Easy enough, right?

So here are some of our Top 5 lists, and remember that some of us can’t count very well, so sometimes we came up with just 1 or 2:

Joe Devoy

1.  Johnny Cash show with Corty Byron
2. Declan O’ Rourke in Saint James
3. Leo and Anto
4. Eleanor McEvoy
5. Jake Lewis and the Clergy and Opera Lancaster
1. Warsteiner
2. Francis O’ Connor
3. Dinnklelacker
4. Nugget Nectar
5. Harp
5 best moments
1. Getting a liquor license

Donal Lally

Top 5 beers we have had on tap (in no order because I love all beers)

1. Tröegs Nugget Nectar
2. Dogfish 60 minute
3. Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse
4. Deschutes Hop Henge
5. St. Boniface Paideia

Top 5 concerts I’ve seen at Tellus, again in no order.

1. Yarn ( March 1st 2014)
2. Damien Dempsey (July 11th 2014)
3. The Districts (November 15th 2013)
4. Low Cut Connie (May 1st 2014)
5. Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds (November 6th 2014)

Kevin O’Mahony

Top 5 Draft Beers

1. Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA
2. Tröegs Nugget Nectar mixed with Guinness
3. Evolution Rise Up Stout
4. Otter Creek Citra Mantra
5. Ommegang Witte
Top 5 Shows
1. Great Caesar
2. The Districts
3. Ton Taun at the Radiohead Tribute Night
4. The Balkun Brothers at Roots and Blues
5. Declan O’ Rourke (technically it was at St. James Church but we organized so going to let Tellus take credit for it.)
Top 5 Memorable Moments
1. The Womens World Cup Semi Final
2. USA Mens equalizer v Germany
3. Mairtin’s Going Away Sunday Party, not because he was leaving but because it was a brilliant day of music, ball hopping, and all round good craic
4. The Saturday of our First Roots and Blues participation
5. The first time I heard Corty Byron sing “Atlantic City” at one of our Sunday Sessions.

Ken Mueller

Top 5 Shows/Moments

  1. DJ Jazzy Jeff (for my birthday, no less!)
  2. Ton-Taun – any show, but particularly when the keyboards fell apart. An accident that worked.
  3. Kopecky
  4. Great Caesar
  5. PitchBlak Brass Band

Top 5 Non-Show Moments

  1. World Cup Soccer, both men and women. Not a huge soccer fan, but the energy in the room. Wow.
  2. Acappellus360 – More fun than humans should be allowed to have, and I’m just an observer, not a performer.
  3. Halloween at Tellus – the energy the past two years has been incredible
  4. The food – It keeps getting better, and every meal is a great moment
  5. April Fools Pranks – Love that some of you are still asking about the zip lines…

Top 5 Local Bands at Tellus

  1. Ton Taun
  2. Jake Lewis & the Clergy
  3. Meg & the Right Sound
  4. Saint Elouise
  5. Here Inside


Bria Garcia

Here’s my top 5 events and happenings at Tellus 360 (in no specific order)

  1. King Street Seisiún-I’ve had the opportunity of being on both sides of the bar for this event. Both equally great craic!
  2. Acappellus 360-This one hits a high note with me. (Hoping for a Team Tellus How Bad We Are revival.
  3. Andy Warhol Factory Party-In 2014 Tellus 360 was turned into The Factory for one night only. We got down with so much tin foil!
  4. Whiskey Passport-With my passport I’m given the opportunity to travel the world one whiskey at a time from the comfort of my favorite pub.
  5. World Cup Soccer Games- “USA, USA, USA!”

Bill Speakman

1. Second Sky (had to).
2. Tal National
3. Zongo Junction
4. Nappy Riddem
5. Radiohead Tribute

Kate Cannon-Davis

Top 5 shows
1. Yarn ( 1st show)
2. Shilpa Ray & her Happy Hookers
3. T. Hardy Morris ( Sunday night snowstorm show)
4. J.P. Harris & band ( Sunday night show)
5. Carlos Elliott Jr

Annie Weeks (from Lancaster Office of Promotions)

Top 5 Beers

  1. Magners
  2. Crabbies
  3. Summer Shandy
  4. Harp
  5. Guinness

Top 5 non-beer drinks

  1. Apothic Red
  2. the Sauvignon Blanc
  3. egg nog around the holidays
  4. something fruity by Kevin
  5. a shot of water poured by Joe (when I just didn’t need one more but my friends did)

Top 5 Memories at Tellus

  1. Our engagement party
  2. our wedding (!)
  3. Christmas dinner on the mezzanine with the Tellus family a few years ago
  4. the A Week Away night featuring 5 different bands (and raising a ton of money for AWA families!)
  5. yoga on the roof on a Saturday
  6. and have to mention Mairtin’s going away party!

Top 5 Shows 

  1. Stray Birds
  2. Carsie Blanton
  3. PitchBlak Brass Band
  4. Vulcans
  5. Second Hand Suits

Andy Mowatt

Top 5 Beers

  1. Guinness (downstairs)
  2. Harp
  3. Lager
  4. Red Stripe
  5. Troegs Perpetual IPA
 Top 5 non-beer drinks
  1. Hot whiskey (w/ lemon, cinnamon, cloves)
  2. Rijuice mixers, all of them
  3. Irish coffee
  4. Captain on acid
  5. Steely Slam
Top 5 Memories

1. Coming in from the snow, apparently on a closed Tuesday and having a warm drink and hospitality from Joe.
2. Every Sunday session
3. Being on the roof late at night–peaceful perspective of the city
4. Mairtin’s farewell afternoon/evening/night
5. Recording a live video session with my band in the Sugar Tank studio.

Top 5 Shows

1. Sunday jam session during St Patrick’s day block party
2. King Street Big Band
3. “Captain Trips” Grateful Dead premier night
4. Johnny Cash tribute show
5. Every Steely Jam show

Jen Baker – Lancaster Office of Promotions

Top 5 Beers

  1. Guinness
  2. Murphy’s
  3. Guinness
  4. Murphy’s
  5. Genny Cream Ale

Top 5 non-beer drinks

  1. The hot toddy Joe D. made when I wasn’t feeling well.  Felt great after two of them…
  2. The test recipes for a Ward 8 cocktail
  3. I think those are the only non-beer drinks I’ve ever had a Tellus

Top 5 Memories at Tellus

  1. July 14, 2013 Sunday Supper (was there for my 40th birthday)
  2. ExtraGive 2011 (I think this was the year.  It was the first night Tellus had its liquor license)
  3. Getting to know the amazing staff over the years!

Top 5 Shows

  1. The Kilmane Saints after Seisiun

Eric Garman

Top 5 Beers
  1. The first pint of Guinness I had was possibly the first (definitely the 2nd or 3rd) ever poured at Tellus.  Joe it was the Thursday night, Joe texted me as soon as the license was good to go.
Top 5 non-beer drinks
  1. Giselle loves having a cider at Tellus!  Or jack daniels
  2. Jack Fires shots with Roses Rugby
Top 5 Memories at Tellus
1. Our awesome wedding in the Temple!
2. Our wedding post party! House music by Calvin Bailey. Joe telling me to stand on the bar at our wedding after party, me jumping off.
3. Giselle being in the 1st Accapellus with “Tellus how bad we are”
4. Our first Roses Rugby Banquet at Tellus just after the lounge was built.
5. Sunday pints and Sunday Session music.
Top 5 Shows
  1. Red Rose Soul Club!
  2. Left Lane Cruiser
  3. Corty Byron at The 2nd Tellus Anniversary night
 BEST THING ABOUT TELLUS – We love the staff!

Josh Fagan

Can’t believe how time flies and hope this isn’t too late! My top five for Tellus:
1. Joe D singing Hurt – Johnny Cash Style
2. Opening day with no LCB license and who cared anyway!
3. the Brewery Bus tour hosted by Kev-O & Donal Aug 2014(?)
4. NYE Parties!
5. Marie, Marie, Marie – I Think its poetry night with “Joe the Poet”
I think that rounds out what my memory can recall Way to many great memories (and even more fuzzy ones!) Congrats on Five years and here’s to many more!!!!!
OK, now it’s your turn. Hit us with some of your Top 5 lists. Anything goes. And if you share your list, you’ll be entered to win a $25 gift card. We’ll randomly choose a winner on Monday, November 9, at noon. Have at it, and thank you for five great years!