grand openingCould it really have started 5 years ago.  It was only yesterday, I know it was.  Surrounded by so many friends, in the front room that now is Tigh Mhary.  It was full of Irish furniture and a few pieces that our wood shop had made, spectacular beautiful pieces.

We had a box with a secret compartment that we got everyone to try and find and we had a desk that we suspected had a secret compartment but we never could find its story.  But on that cold, crisp magical night the secret compartment opened up in front of my eyes under the gentle tug of a friend, Jo Miller.

As the secret compartment came out slowly, a dash of white cloth could be seen.  All the way out now and a little hidden cubby with something hidden in it.  I was looking around to see who was pulling my leg, “Your having me on right?”.

At this stage 30 people are looking on and a silent anticipation had fallen over the packed full room.  We unwrap the white cloth and living in it was a beautiful 14 carat gold bracelet with a love locket that still remains locked.

I had spent 20-minutes a day for a month prior to this trying to find this secret compartment.  But it held itself back to our opening night and then the magic started and it has continued day in and day out in our vagabond of a building that belches and creeks, stretches and flexes, and has found a way to wrap itself around me since I got here to Lancaster.

Not unlike the building, I had got here a bit run down, having been doing something I love for a long time and running low on passion for it, ready to try something new and really caring what it was.

We started in Irish antiques, moved on to building furniture, built a green roof, started selling clothes and gifts, and a whole load of other things.  A few of the lads want to play some music and we said yes.  They were followed up by others who wanted to play and us enjoying the hell out of it.

Concerts were joined by Sunday suppers; suppers were joined by meetings and events, and some how we woke up 3 years later that felt like 3 minutes later and we had a music venue and a bar.

This again came with magic, we got our liquor license the day before The Extraordinary Give.  As we poured the first pint of Guinness, there was an acrobat hanging out of the ceiling, a magician on a scissor lift hanging a box in the corner and a full band on the stage sound checking for the following day.

We sat there, mouth open, no words, enjoying a pint that seemed like ever in arriving but also arrived at the exact right time.  The next day we had 8 bands, a 50 person choir, a 17 person strings, an acrobat and a magician, as well as what felt like everyone in Lancaster in to get us off to our new start.

So on November 5th we will celebrate 5 years in business.  Marshall Snively was kind enough to remind me a few weeks ago.  We are going to spend the night reminiscing and celebrating what has been a brilliant ride.  We will do the radio show live from Tellus for a few hours and we will have a ton of people in that make Tellus360 Tellus 360.

There are so many who have done so much to charter the course, to make these magic moments happen.  To send us on our crazy tangents that end up becoming who we are.  To you all, I say “Thank you for making my life so much better, thank you for all you have done for Tellus360!”

The other day we were meeting with a couple that have decided to have there wedding in Tellus360 in September of 2016.  They are going to get married and have their reception in the lounge.  So, during the conversation, Tyler asked “Do you know what the lounge will be like then?” and before Bill or I could answer, they just looked at each other and realized that we don’t have a clue, and nobody does.

So here is looking forward to the magic that will happen in the next 5 years; here is celebrating the magic that has happened in the last 5 years, and here is hoping that as Tellus360 continues to be reborn, that all who come through the doors shall be filled with joy, love, adventure, and hope.

We would love to see you on Thursday, November 5th to help us have a banging birthday party and if you can’t make it tune into the  live radio show from 5pm to whenever.

Peace love and great thanks for all you have done,