wedding crashersHey folks, summer over and fall here and it all feels good.  I am assuming you saw the movie Wedding Crashers: two lads crashing every wedding they could find in the search of love and free booze.

I have never done it, crash a wedding, but I have always wanted to, always, always!  Well, Saturday is all of our chances.  My good friends, Matt Johnson and Jill Good, are getting married and wedding crashers are not only encouraged, they are invited.  From 7 p.m. on anyone can attend what is going to be one of the greatest weddings ever seen in Lancaster.

How cool is this wedding? The groomsmen are a band on stage for the whole ceremony.  Three live bands: The Groomsmen, West Philadelphia Orchestra, and The Vinegar Creek Constituency, plus DJ Salinger spinning beautiful vinyl soul, food trucks, and just about the best couple in town.

So the booze ain’t free but the lovin’ is, and this is going to be a night to remembered.  Get your Sunday best on and come on down for a party you won’t soon forget.

And that is only the  start of it!

Sunday we are hosting Capital Day.  A day to stand up and be proud that our town was capital of the free world for one day.  It starts with a march to the Mayor’s house to demand a day off going forward for Capital Day.  Then we have the PA Mambo Orquesta (the best Salsa band in town), celebrity Jeopardy, a comedy show, and Slimfit finishing out the day.

Lastly, Laura Kendall and I do a radio show every Friday morning at The Rabbit & the Dragonfly. It airs live at 11 a.m. and is called Friday Live Lancaster.  We try to showcase the arts that are coming up in town.  Listen, or come see it live, it really is a good time in a great location.

Thank you all for the amazing continued support, we are having so much fun it should be illegal, we are thrilled to be a part of the best town in America!

Thank you,