This post was written for us by Sarah Yukie Gingrich, the founder of Create Karma and PLAYcation Lancaster.

PLAY_ClassicLancaster is no stranger to amazing community events. PLAYcation Lancaster on August 22 is designed to bring people together by making physical movement accessible and fun. It’s time to come PLAY with your community’s wellness and movement leaders!

For many of us, PLAY seems like something reserved for children, not something adults can do unless work is done and out of the way. But there’s a huge difference between wasting idle time and actively engaging in the pursuit of fun.

Curiosity, creativity, optimism, and the positive emotions that come from PLAY can remain with us for up to 24 hours. When we play a cooperative game with someone, we learn how to cooperate with them in real life, and winning gives us the confidence to take on challenges in the game of life!

Physical PLAY also allows our short-term working memory to become more efficient, giving us the tools and confidence we need to make improvements in our lives. A community at PLAY isn’t on vacation from work or reality; it’s creating a stronger foundation for how we define productivity and become a culture of collaboration and support.
When we look at what is important, is making to-do lists the best way to improve our community? Or can we come together to create action and improve our collective health and well being?
Take some time out on August 22nd and commit to PLAY with your community. Dive in and join us for an afternoon of FULL SPECTRUM LIVING, and look out for more Playcation events in the future!