Matt and Jill are a Lancaster-based couple who will be hosting their wedding extravaganza at Tellus360 on September 26th. They will be blogging for the next month and half about their preparations and all the fun stuff that happens when you plan your nuptials here at Tellus! This first installment was written by Jill, the better half…

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1546071_10203355802602153_1776667573_nYep, I’m marrying Matt Johnson.

Yes, *that* Matt Johnson– Lancaster’s own Man About Town.

(Seriously, if you haven’t heard of him, search for the Lancaster Newspaper headline: Local Musician and ‘Jeopardy’ Contestant Pushes for Capital Day in Lancaster)

Of course, when you marry Matt Johnson, you better darn plan a LANCASTER (all caps) wedding. and really, it’s not such a hard thing to do. In fact, that’s one of the things that Matt and I have bonded over – our fondness for this city. We both hail from the area (he’s a southern-end Holtwood fellow and I grew up in Lititz, or, as Matt says, the Coolest Small Town that Ever Was) and, over the years, for one reason after another,  we both separately decided to stay and sink our roots.

I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but let me let you in on a little secret: Lancaster has truly become something else. Let me get real for a moment: Back in my day, Lancaster’s saving grace was its proximity to actual metropolitan areas, the places you would visit with your friends to enjoy good food and cultural events and nightlife while visitors flocked to your hometown to eat pretzels and chocolate and look at Amish buggies, quilts, and rolling farmlands. It was a mostly nice place to grow up, but it wasn’t exciting and, let’s be honest here, living in Lancaster didn’t exactly feel inspiring. I can’t say precisely when all of that changed, I guess I was busy doing my own thing, but I do remember starting to have conversations with other people who were also still living in the area and talking about Cool Lancaster Things became, well, a thing. There were art galleries showing  decidedly un-Lancaster fare and restaurants serving food that you didn’t have to settle for. Shops offering things that you were excited to see and give. people who put themselves out there to organize events and shows and gatherings. People started doing strange, new and wonderful things and, lo and behold, other people came out to support them! Communities developed and Lancaster started to feel… exciting.

Matt and I love living downtown. Like, really LOVE it. We are within walking distance of many of our very favorite places to eat and see and do. When we decided to do this whole marrying thing, we agreed that the only way that having a wedding would work for us is if we could gather the people we love to share in as many of the Lancaster things we love and support in our everyday lives. I know that organizing a wedding is ‘supposed’ to be stressful, but all of these months of planning and scheming have been pretty darn joyful. In fact, this past year has been a Jill and Matt Lancaster love fest as we brainstorm our Lancaster favorites and figure out ways to incorporate them into our wedding at Tellus360.

We will be sharing more with you as the next two months count down, little peeks into Jill and Matt’s Lancaster love fest that we really cannot wait to share with family and friends. But while part of our wedding day is reserved for those we hold especially dear, the rest of the evening is meant to be shared with the Lancaster communities we love so much. And so, we cordially invite you (yes, you!) to join the celebration when we fling the Tellus doors wide open at 7 o’clock on September 26th. or, as Matt likes to call it, Capital Day Eve.