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Chapter One

Last flight and all are asleep but me.  Woken by food, hardly surprising.  Flying from Mumbai to Kathmandu, the plane is 90% male and 90% Nepali.  Immigrants returning home for the festival, to see wives and daughters, to teach fast growing sons.


All the inhabitants of the plane are wearing the hollow eyes of weary travelers.  Funny, though, as we get closer a nervous chatter has began to erupt through the plane.  Familiar and identical to those first trips I made to Ireland after leaving in the 80’s.  An inner energy bursting out– home– heart’s home just around the corner.

I feel an odd camaraderie with my ship mates, all of us the same, all of us searching for our heart’s home.  The Himalayas rising out our window, reaching to the sky.  Snow covered and pure.  Each one bigger than the next.  Each one just a top floating in the horizon.  We turn towards them, banking to our left.  My heart is beating faster, pumping with excitement, nervous going home excitement!


Lost for words, I will leave you and lose myself in the godlike Himalayas.  To these men I wish safe travels and a triumphant return to their heart’s home.  Our stories of immigration forever connected.

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