This post is written by our friend Rich Johnson, one half of Aortic Valve, who perform regularly at Tellus360.

It’s safe to say that every experience I’ve had at Tellus360 is an adventure. However, none of my prior excursions here could prepare me for the adventure I was about to have on a recent Wednesday night. After missing the grand opening event for the venue’s newest nook, Tellus3Whiskey (due to inclement weather), the wife and I were forced to postpone our trip for another couple weeks. Although it was disappointing to miss the red carpet affair, this was not the worst thing that could have happened. Having made arrangements to secure our official Whiskey Passports, we knew we were in for a treat. Since we had a little extra time, we started downstairs for a bit, enjoying a meal and a conversation before moving to the back room to take in a lovely show from a wonderful and modern African band, Tal National.  As we began to mosey upstairs, the wife and I were both happy to find the environment on par with the rest of the house. Just as relaxed and comfortable as we had anticipated. With the many couches, both pool and ping pong table, and turntable listening station, we felt right at home. We found a couple of seats at the proper bar, Tig Caleb (a beautiful tribute to a shining spirit), and prepared to embark on a brief journey into the world of fine whiskey.

2015-04-09 17.43.13

Upon taking our seats we were greeted by Joe Devoy, the venue’s owner and all-around good dude. From behind his shining Irish smile and charm, he introduced us to a great bevy of whiskey selections. Everything from the traditional working man’s kettle whiskeys (Tully or Power’s) to some of the world’s finest aged, single malt Scotches (Laphroaig or Talisker). Being that Tellus is essentially a sovereign Irish nation, we figured we would start off with some Jameson, but not the usual golden nectar we sip downstairs. This time we would have Jameson Black. Believe me when I tell you both the wife and I we’re quite impressed. This variation, deeper in color than its predecessor, came on smooth, bringing with it a good taste of the barrel’s vanilla essence, then smoothing out to leave the palate refreshed and wanting more. I was surprised to find the wife enjoying such a robust offering as well. We had certainly left the safety of the beach and were now swimming in unfamiliar waters. You see, without the liberty provided by these passports, both of us lean more towards the generic and common brands of whiskey you find cluttering most barroom shelves.  The Black was a delicious twist; a new experience.

first five whiskeys

As our ambassador, and bartender for the night, marked our passports he suggested we lend our thoughts to a new tradition. He encouraged us to include a short poem, in Haiku format, to represent each night we spend enjoying our new passports to the world of whiskey.  The sojourn into traditional Japanese poetry was the perfect interlude, and found Amy and I welcoming another taste or two to unleash our inner bards.

2015-04-09 17.41.06 2015-04-09 17.42.33

Upon completion of our respective texts and the hilarity that ensued, were now ready to visit our final passport destination. After much deliberation, we had decided to take a quick trip up north. This time we were leaning towards having a pop of something that would leave us with much more reference concerning our general preferences.  The vehicle of choice would be Lot 40 Rye Whiskey and our destination would be Canada. With one sip our romantic getaway at Tellus360 had come full circle. We enjoyed the subtle complexities of this amazing Rye while reflecting on our night together. We had taken in a great variety of food and culture, a nice array of beverages, had a dance or two, and shared in many engaging conversations together, bringing us back to our happy place. Lounging comfortably side-by-side, trading tales and wisecracks, while enjoying the globetrotting spice of this American life.

Many thanks are due to the entire crew at Tellus for laboring tirelessly to make their public space a home to humanity. Do not hesitate. Now is the time to register for your papers and begin your pilgrimage.