studs terkel 01 b-w at micSitting in Tellus360, having our monthly meeting, Laura Kendall of The Ware Center at Millersville University said, “You know what would be cool?”

I responded, “A beer?”

Laura: “Well that too, but what if we started a weekly radio show to showcase Lancaster city’s arts and humanities events”

Joe: “I want to be a host!”

Laura: “Me too, lets do it!”

And so it began!  Two people who know nothing about radio, less about technology, were born a long way from Lancaster, and are going to start a radio show about Lancaster.  It makes perfect sense to me.

I have always loved radio. One of my biggest hero’s is Studs Terkel, the brilliant writer, interviewer, and radio personality from Chicago.  I grew up listening to Radio Luxembourg, and Dave Fanning of RTE. Always fascinated by live radio; the brilliant interviews and the terrible interviews, the anything-can-happen and will-happen freedom to it, the catch-it-now-or-it-is-gone elusiveness of live radio.

Dave Fanning interviewing U2, live radio theatre, Radio Luxembourg playing the Top 40.

Waiting with my finger on the tape recorder for The Sex Pistols to come on.

Always being able to form my own picture of what was going on.

Laughing uncontrollably, crying and trying to hide it in case anyone in the house would see, picturing myself as a rock star, albeit a tone deaf, can’t sing one, but I would look the part.

Then I guess it was brilliant 80’s video’s: Aha’s “Take on Me,” Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” Nena’s “99 Red Balloons,”… I might still be in love.  Vincent Hanley every Sunday with three hours of videos that made me want to see the world dressed in leopard skin shoes, waistcoats and trench coats, sporting the perfect spike flat top.

It all had so much life and personality, bursting over the airwaves, jumping out of the TVm saying watch me I am alive, I am crazy, creative , wonderful life felt and shared.

I always wanted to be Vinny or Dave or Studs.  I wanted to be asking the questions, I wanted to hear the stories first-hand, I wanted to be the one that allowed people to be bigger than life, giving them the outlet to create, I wanted to meet these people and be inspired again.  I wanted to hear their stories, share their tears, and laugh at their jokes because it makes me feel, it makes me create, it makes me live, too.

So it is was like Laura was reading my mind, digging back into the deep recesses of my leopard skin youth, balancing an idea on top of my perfectly flattop spike, reeling me in like an expert fisherwoman when she suggested doing a radio show.

We are doing our first show on Friday May 15: Friday Live Lancaster!  We are doing it at the new awesome The Rabbit & the Dragonfly at 11 am. rabbit

You can come and join in the fun or you can tune in live at We will announce the actual link soon.  This will only be broadcast live;  no podcasts, no tape delays, no censorship, 1 hourish and done. Come in person or listen live on your computer.

Our first show is incredible. We’ve already lined up The Lancaster Symphony and the organizers of TedX Lancaster as guests, with more to come. You aren’t going to want to miss it, I promise.  If you come and don’t like the show we will instantly refund your entry fee of $0,000.00.

Dates for following shows are as follows:

  • Friday May 15 – 11 a.m.
  • Friday June 12 – 11 a.m.
  • Friday July 10 – 11 a.m.
  • Friday July 31 – 11 a.m.
  • Every Friday at 11 a.m. from then on.

In the meantime, head on over to Facebook and give our Friday Live Lancaster page a like. That’s where we’ll be letting you know about upcoming shows.

We’ll see you on the radio!