It is with great excitement that we are very proud to announce our latest venture.  It has been three years in the planning, with multiple trips and fact finding missions throughout the world, and we finally feel ready to announce:

summer-streets-ziplining-dude (1)


It is a zip line that will traverse the skyscape of  Lancaster and an attraction that we believe will bring up to 1-million tourists to Downtown Lancaster every year.  Both the Brookings Institute and the Federal Aviation Administration have approved our plans. We’ve explored how other cities are doing this, and not a penny or a thought have been spared in making sure that we can safely deliver an incredible aerial experience.


The tour will start at the Griest building, leaving both east and west on King St.  It will have stops at the Marriott rooftop bar, the new 26 East, Tellus360, and Annie Baileys heading east and it will go from the Griest to the old Bird’s Nest followed by Prince St. Café heading West.

Once the original lines are installed, it is intended to add a bungee jump off the Griest building by the summer of 2016.  This will only be operated on non-market days to ensure safety.


A major thank you goes to the city for their willingness to work with us and to all the great locations that will have stops on the line.  Tellus3Zipty is really excited with the possibilities that lie ahead.

As always thank you for your continued support, and see you in the air!