This post is written by Eric Garman, President of Roses Rugby Football Club. 

photo 4 (1)In my first blog post I am happy to announce the official union of Tellu360 and the Roses Rugby Football Club. The Roses couldn’t be happier to partner with Joe and the lads. We both share a passion for sport, a good time and a great pint!

Some of you reading this may know me from my time as the GM of POUR, where I displayed my passion for food & drink. But not too many of you know my passion for the game of rugby. It has been a big part of my life since I went to my first practice on a cold fall day at Kutztown University in 1996.  It was love at first sight, a fantastic blend of competition, brotherhood and good times.

While it is hard for one to put any passion into words, I will do my best. What makes playing rugby so special is that it is not just about playing rugby.  Yes, we train hard, compete, and do our best to win every match on the pitch.  But it’s becoming part of a club that makes it so special.

Once you are part of a club like the Roses, you will always be part of the club.  Period.

Engagements, weddings, births and life are celebrated with full vigor.  On Saturdays we play hard and support each other. Even some of the Roses “Old Boys” still come out for a run!  There is a party after every match with the opposing club, often followed by a proper Sunday Funday at Tellus. Just because we can. You get fit, have fun, and make friends for life.

I could easily ramble on and on (like an Irishman after a couple pints of Murphy’s), but someone told me that blogs are supposed to be short.  So I will end with this. If you are looking for a new challenge in life and a way to exercise while making new friends Roses Rugby is it.  We also have a woman’s club too, so ladies are welcome.  And if you just want to just join us and celebrate with the boys at Tellus360 after a match that’s fine too!

If you are curious reach out to me via email or Facebook and I will take care of the rest. Members of all ages are welcome!

Many thanks to Joe, Kevin, & Donal for their support.