The legendary Midge Ure recently played a solo acoustic show at Tellus360, but his booking here wasn’t your typical booking. Marybeth Cramer, a fan of both Midge and Tellus360, tells us her story.

1424815778237I have found social media to be a blessing and a curse. The curse: it sucks up time, there is drama… well you probably know all the negatives. As for the positives, this is a story of one of the positives.

I love keeping in touch with friends and seeing pictures of their families, having the newspaper and TV news feeds, and following my favorite people, places, and things. Midge Ure happens to be one of the people that I have followed for some time on Facebook and I’ve listened to his music for 30 years.

This past summer my family and I saw him when he was part of the Retro Futura Tour (that was actually the third time I had seen him).  So when he announced that he was going to be coming back to the U.S. in January and February of 2015 on a solo acoustic tour I was thrilled. His Facebook posts indicated that he was lining up the locations and his many followers made suggestions of their home city, town, or state hoping he would be close enough for them to go see him.

I was one of those people. “Please come to PA, please come to Philly.” He’d just played in Philly, I figured he’d go there again. And then in late November/early December I made a post on my Facebook wall that said, “My husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I said I would like Tellus360 to be a stop on Midge Ure’s February 2015 solo acoustic tour. That’s not too much to ask, is it?” I made sure that Tellus360 and Midge Ure were tagged in the post. I never in my wildest dreams thought it would actually happen but what the heck, the worst they could do was ignore me.


So in December I see the announcement that Midge will be playing at World Café in Philadelphia. A little disheartened, but still I’ve seen him there before, I’ll travel there again to see him. Then a friend sends me a link and says, “Don’t freak out”. I read the link and started screaming. For anyone who knows me, this is completely out of character, completely. So much so that my husband and teenage daughters came running into the room in a panic asking what was wrong. I stood shaking and pointing at the screen and barely able to say, “He’s coming here. He’s coming to Lancaster. They took my suggestion!”

Really? Midge Ure has performed all over the world and he took MY suggestion to come to play at Tellus360 in Lancaster.  I talked about it all the time, or thought about it all the time anyway. My daughters told me that it was ok, that I was “fangirling.”


So on Monday evening, February 23, 2015 my Christmas wish (and more) came true. Tellus360 was a stop on Midge Ure’s solo acoustic tour. It was a great evening of music, I was with a bunch of my friends, I met some new friends, I had not one but two long conversations with Midge, and he autographed a few things. And that is definitely a case of social media (and Tellus360) being a blessing.