IMG_0258 (Copy)There probably isn’t a room in Tellus360 that encompasses what we are, or at least what we are becoming, better than our second floor. It started as something, became something else, and then we went to bed one night, woke up the next morning, and there it was.

During the city’s Velocity event we had a wonderful showcase of local art. We started to spend time in the space. When the Kilmeen Drama group was in town we hosted them up there for their dinner on a number of nights. Bill had thrown forward the idea that this would make a great lounge area based on his time in Washington, DC.

We cut Bill loose with a very small budget for furniture. We asked all of you for donations and we went on with life. We set a schedule for doing the floor and figured we would leave the rest to evolve.

We had 49 people visiting from Kilmeen in County Cork. They stayed  with us for a week. We had an absolutely brilliant week of camaraderie, dancing, singing, stories and a few pints.  They put on two magical performances of The Playboy of the Western World at The Ware Center. For the play Noel and Mike from our woodshop built the set. They did an incredible job on it, blowing people away with their attention to detail and how authentic it looked. So the play finished, the set was taken down and returned to the warehouse to a dark corner.  The folk from Cork returned home and we settled into life as usual, missing our new friends.

In the middle of the following week, having a few pints with Kev and Donal at Dipco, Kevin said “you know what would look good on the second floor?”

“What’s that Kev?”

“We should put the set of the Playboy on the second floor!”

Instant agreement without a need for words, the three of us could see it now.

IMG_0251 (Copy)

Two days later, Mike and Sam, came in and by the end of the day, voila!, it was there. No shock, it fit perfectly; to the inch. Set in and feeling like we were now living in a bit of Ireland, it called out for a bar. Tommy showed up and had a look at what materials were laying around and two days later there was a bar.

IMG_0270 (Copy)

The front of the bar is fashioned from old windows that came out of a New York Polio hospital built by Rockefeller in 1905.  The top of the bar is made from Philadelphia aqueduct wood that had been sitting under water for 200 years; the same aqueduct that was considered one of the modern marvels of the world as it was built to deliver drinking water to the City of Philadelphia in the early 1800’s.  The back bar is made out of old Amish pulleys that were sitting around.

IMG_0267 (Copy)


Throw in donations from you guys: a beautiful pool table from Eric and Anita Parker, a ping pong table from Jake, a guitar off Corty, a great collection of Irish books from the Irish society, an amazing collection of native American books, all the classics, and we were starting to take shape.

2015-01-16 17.32.18

Then Max Kornhauser, who worked in our kitchen, started to talk about albums and vinyl and all of a sudden we were collecting vinyl.  Donations from local record store owners, a few purchased from here and there, and we have a good start into a fine record collection that continues to grow.

About three years ago a reporter from RTE Radio was in Lancaster finishing up a story. He just happened to stay with my friends Bruce and Melanie Tellus3WHISKEY4Snyder who in turn put him in touch with me. So Peter is not only a great radio reporter, but also he is one of the most knowledgeable people on whiskey in the world. We spent a day together discussing various things, primarily Duffy’s Cut, and during the day the conversation came around to whiskey. This was before we had even considered opening a music club.  But the seeds were planted for the whiskey bar.  Although it took three years to materialize, on March 5 we will fill the shelves of our second floor lounge bar with fantastic whiskey, Irish, Scotch, Bourbon(my favorite), and rye. We’ll also be unveiling a new club of sorts that we are calling Tellus3Whiskey. You’ll get a passport that is your guide through some of the best whiskeys of the world, so stay tuned for more information. The bar also boasts ten beer taps, including one of our favorite’s: Murphy’s Stout.

IMG_0285 (Copy) IMG_0282 (Copy)


Finally we lost our good friend Caleb Walker, the founder of A Week Away, and Donal suggested that we should call the new space Tigh Caleb.  This translates to “Caleb’s Home” or “Caleb’s House” and again it felt right again.  It is a comfortable space we have been building up here, one where there is time to get to know each other, to have a chat, and to relax.   Caleb was always that, ready for a chat, ready to listen, ready to make us all feel better about ourselves.

So on Thursday, March 5 we will officially launch Tigh Caleb, our newest space. It has had hundreds of people contribute to what it is today. It will continue to evolve as other people come up with other good ideas and our lives will evolve in and around it. The laughs, the back slapping, and the tears will all come together to give the space life.

IMG_0255 (Copy)

So we look forward to getting to know you all a little bit better in Tigh Caleb,  raising a glass or two with you. We like what the space has become and we are excited for what it will evolve into. As always we are extremely grateful for your patronage. We have had an absolutely fantastic few years and cannot wait for what the future brings forth.