Here is a poem for Christmas written by our own Joe Devoy and Lancaster Poet Laureate Joe Weitzel.







Down King Street Way

By Joe Weitzel and Joe Devoy

The sun setting down King Street way
Flowers and baskets, Christmas lights that say
My City of Lancaster, My City on Christmas day
Snow falling and we all hope it will stay

Early morning star to Mulberry Sky
Falls and paints on Orange high…the day is nigh,
The bright is borne.
The houses rise and bells begin to herald St James cry…
The coming first of Christmas morn.

One by one they shake themselves awake
Each wearing a smile that is not fake
Sprinting down stair bouncing on air
Life is easy not even a care
Presents, family, friends and snowflake

On Coral, on Crystal, on Ruby and Lake
The children asleep with one eye, awake
On James, to the east side, the rails and the jail.
All grace to St. Nicholas…to giving we hail.

On Water, on Manor, on Mary and Race
The adults asleep with love and grace
On Walnut, to the West side, the schools and the stools
All love to our people…..Lancaster’s jewels