Last winter was rather brutal, and there are some who predict more of the same for this winter.

But not Joe.


Joe, in his typical cheerful, optimistic way, is convinced that we’re going to have a mild winter. So much so, that he has challenged a bunch of us to go in on some friendly wagering with him.

So, Joe is so convinced that he is willing to make his rather specific meteorological prognostication public, so that we can follow along. In fact, we’ll be keeping score in the pub on one of our chalk boards.

joe vs weather

Joe’s prediction:

We will get at least 30 days of weather where the temperature hits 50-degrees, from December 1, 2014 through February 28, 2015.

That’s it. We’ll start keeping track a week from today, and see how close Joe gets to his prediction…or not.

What are your thoughts? Is Joe a prognosticating prophet, or is the lad a nut job?