dusty dgital oilFirst Friday in Lancaster is always a special time, and it’s also one of our favorite days of the month at Tellus360. This month is no different, as we’ve got some incredible music lined up, as well as a new music-related photography exhibit.

Dan Gillespie has been coming to shows at Tellus360 for a few years now, and has been taking some great pictures of all of the performers. Recently, he shared these photos with us, and we were blown away with his unique style of photography and processing, which adds a bit of an oil painting feel to the photos. We asked Dan to mount some of these photos and hang them on the second floor, in what was once known as Gallery360 (more on that later).

When you step off the elevator on the second floor, you’ll see Dan’s work hanging, as well as when you turn the corner to make your way to the green roof bar. Plus, if you like what you see, Dan’s photos are for sale! The exhibit is called DGital Oils. Here is Dan’s own description of his work and process:

The pieces I am exhibiting at Tellus360 for First Friday represent my efforts to combine my passion for music, photography and art, and my hope is that others with similar interests will appreciate them. All of the content was originally photographed at Tellus360 this year.

corty dgital oil

I use a Nikon DSLR, capable of high ISO setting coupled with low aperture prime lenses to allow for natural light. This allows me to capture the great lighting at Tellus360 without a flash, letting the colored lights flood my subjects. I take the processed photographs and use a software application to create a digital oil painting/effect. The software I use enables me to have control of texture, brush length, bristle width, etc. to get my desired effects. I then layer the original photograph and the digital oil painting and erase everything but the main subject. This brings a visual interest and spotlight of the main subject that I find visually striking.

I also print all of my own work. I’m an Epson Pro Graphics dealer in my “real job” and use these printers to produce the canvas gallery wraps on display. The size I’ve chosen for this series is 16 x 21 and each one is for sale for $85. My feeling is that is actually a very low price but I’d rather have more people able to buy and enjoy my work. I will have other sizes available, both smaller and larger, for people who would like options. I will take orders and quote pricing on a per order basis.

Also on First Friday this month, we’ve got what promises to be one of the most exciting and fun shows you’ever seen: The David Mayfield Parade. There is really no way to describe a DMP show except to say that it is unique, in an oddly endearing sort of way. Or is that endearingly odd? Opening that show are local favorites Jake Lewis & the Clergy, as well as North Carolina based folk-pop band, Bombadil. Tickets are on sale, but going fast, so get yours now!

And your First Friday experience wouldn’t be complete without some busking out in front. The weirdly wonderful Uncle Fester’s Candy Shop will be out front starting at 6pm, and then they’ll head to the roof to entertain our customers starting at 8:30pm.

And to round out the entire thing, we’re gonna funk it up a bit. Starting this week, Tellus360 is going to be your home for WXPN’s Funky Friday in Lancaster. (NOTE: David Dye will NOT be at Tellus360 for this. He will be in the WXPN studios in Philly spinning the funk, we’ll simply be streaming the program live in the pub and on the roof from 5 to 7pm.)Every Friday. Sure, you can listen to Funky Friday in the comfort of your own home or car, but why not join with other Funkenfans and make it a Funky Friday listening party? It’s much more fun than dancing alone.

Finally, we’ll end your Friday night with DJ Edge in the pub. He’ll keep the Funky Friday vibe going, spinning the tunes until closing time, so you can dance the night away until the wee hours of the morning.

Oh, and about Gallery360. If you’ve been to Tellus360 over the past few months, you’ve noticed that it isn’t much of a gallery anymore. We’ve used the space for a variety of events, such as our Monday night Game Nights, and for viewing everything from Eagles preseason football to English Premier League soccer. In addition to our First Friday exhibit this week, the space will soon house a special exhibit for the city’s Velocity event, that will run through Fall ArtWalk. But over the next few months you’ll begin to see a transformation taking place in that room that we think will excite you. It will no longer be that space you go through to get to the roof, but will be a much more usable and vibrant space for your use when you visit us.

So stay tuned, and we’ll see you on First Friday!