lovebettie dan gillespieLast night, local favorites The Vinegar Creek Constituency played to a packed pub, and it was…magical. We could say the same about this past Friday night and the way Langhorne Slim rocked the Temple (our back room). Hundreds of you came for food, drink, and great music, and you all left happy.

Just yesterday we received a video from our friend Steve Ulrich of Wilkum Studios here in Lancaster, that just rocked our socks off. He and John Decker shot the video footage during just one week at Tellus360, while John edited the piece. This was something they did for us on their own, and boy are we thankful. When we watched it, our jaws dropped.

This video perfectly captures what happens when people gather at Tellus360 to listen to live music and DJs. It comes complete with some nice shots of our hardworking bartenders doing what they do best, even when there’s a guy with a flaming trumpet dancing on the bar…

Please watch and feel free to pass it on!


You may have been at some of those shows, or you might be sitting there thinking, “Wow, how did I miss that??” Either way, it’s clear that something magical happens when you join us at Tellus360. We offer music from a wide variety of genres from Irish folk and bluegrass to indie rock and hip hop brass bands, and everything in between. From local and regional artists, to more national and international acts.

Along the way, we also get a lot of photographers stopping in for shows at Tellus360, from amateurs to professionals, and we see some pretty amazing concert shots, like the one at the top of this post from one of our regulars, Dan Gillespie. We love when our friends take pictures and post them online and on our Facebook page (hint, hint).

So, if you’ve never been to Tellus360, or haven’t visited us recently, we invite you out for dinner and drinks, and yes, some music. Here’s a quick list of a few shows that are coming up:

Tonight (August 6, and every Wednesday)- Wirelessless Wednesday with DJ Salinger (a night of vintage vinyl reggae and soul)

Tomorrow (August 7) – The Grisly Hand w/Buzzchopper

August 8 – Andy Mowatt Band

August 9 – Danny Burns w/ Sean Farley

August 10- Cuddle Magic

August 12 – Van Wagner and Mike McMonagle

August 14 – Dietrich Strause w/ Tuck Ryan & Jordan Rast

August 15 – Music Friday with: Salsa Dancing & Wine, Cocek Brass Band, and DJ Edge

August 16 – The Thing with Two Heads (DJ)

Plus, we’re very excited about our Half Way to St. Patrick’s Day Celebration and Mark DeRose’s Rootenanny coming up in September!

And we’ve already got shows booked through the end of the year, so make sure you check out our full calendar of events.

So that’s our invitation to you. Food, drink, and music.  And a bit of magic. Are you in?