croake parkSomehow Penn State decided to have a football game in Ireland, and as I was hearing more and more about it seemed like a really good idea to join the rest of Lancaster and Central Pennsylvania and head that direction.

It seemed like way too much of a good time to miss, so Martha and I, Sam Bressi and Linda, and a few other friends, decided that this is a great time to get away. And for me it became a another chance to show off the country of my birthplace.

I left Ireland kicking and screaming at 18 in search of adventure and excitement.  Four years in college in Erie, 6 years in Manhattan and Yonkers, 12 years in Annapolis, and the last 4 or 5 years in Lancaster, and I have had an amazing trip full of adventure and excitement. I have found as the years have passed that I’m searching more and more for that sense of community that is abundant in Ireland and I think this is what brought me to Lancaster.  It is so rich in community, full of people who are involved, and who care. Not to mention it has much better weather than Ireland.

Anyway, Penn State in Dublin gives me the opportunity to proudly show off the county of my birthplace to all of you people from the country and town that I have decided to make my home.  But it would be no good to go to Ireland and not bring something a little bit special from Lancaster. Right?

The Gift of Lancaster Music











I was having a few beers with Leo, from Vinegar Creek Constituencey, and Corty Byron after one of our sessions and talking about the trip to Ireland, Penn State, and 100,000 fans all heading to Ireland and I could see the twinkle in Leo’s eye.  He said, “you know that sounds like a great time, could you get us a few gigs over there?”  Corty pulled his head out of his pint of Guinness also interested, “well if you’re going I am going!”

And that is how it all began: Penn State, 100,000 fans, Vinegar Creek and Corty Byron all in Dublin at the same time.  It shall never be the same again.

We were lucky enough to get the lads scheduled into playing in some of the best venues in Ireland (and I would dare say the world).  So if you are coming to Ireland, or you have friends coming to Ireland, or you have friends living in Ireland, we are going to throw the best Lancaster party ever outside of Lancaster at Whelan’s.  So on Friday, August 29, the night before the big game, Lancaster is going to take Dublin by storm, with Vinegar Creek Constituency and Corty Byron playing at Whelan’s in Dublin.  The cost is just 10-pounds, which, if my math is correct, is somewhere around $16. I think my country folk are getting a bargain! Plus, they’ll be playing a few other clubs while they’re over there.

Of course, we’ve had many great Irish musicians at Tellus360, most recently Damien Dempsey and Nicole Maguire, but this could be the start of a beautiful relationship, and cultural exchange. Maybe we could even take you along next time…

Back to Penn State Football

If you can’t come along for the trip, we don’t want you to feel left out. We’ll be having a viewing party for the Penn State game, bright and early on August 30, at 8:30 a.m. We’ve partnered with the local chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association, and they’ll be joining us in The Temple for the game, along with a bit of Irish breakfast, and perhaps a few pints of Guiness (go ahead, we won’t judge). Come dressed in your best PSU Irish gear, and cheer on the Nittany Lions.



P.S. We are…..!


*Corty Byron photo credit: Dan Gillespie