mairtin6So where do I start?

  • There would be no Tellus without him.
  • There are as many of his ideas as there are mine in Tellus360, maybe more.
  • Nobody has worked harder to make Tellus360 a reality than he has.
  • We are going to miss him an awful lot.
  • He is one of the smartest, intuitive people I know.
  • He is going to be incredibly successful at everything he does.
  • He has been a great friend.
  • We are sad to see him go.
  • We are thrilled for what his future has in store for him.
  • We are going to see him often.
  • He is incredibly passionate about everything he decides to stick himself into.
  • He is the second best tour guide on the trips to Ireland.
  • All of us are extremely grateful for the last few years that we have got to spend together.

All are true and I could start with any of them but I instead will start with two trips to Ireland we took together.  Watching Mairtin Lally take care of everyone, genuinely caring for everyone, making sure we all are happy, well fitted.  How he would go anywhere, do anything to make sure that someone’s experience was spectacular.

How he opened up his house, and his family, and friends, not because it was his job, but because he wanted to show his new friends his old friends, share with them all his old haunts, all his old stories.  Because he is always willing to give all of himself to make all of us happy, because he is delighted to make us feel special, because he is delighted to share all of himself with all of us expecting nothing in return.

mairtin guinness


So Mairtin is heading on, going home to Ireland with his wonderful girlfriend Kristen.  He is going to work in Lally Tours in Galway and he is going to make it the best tour company in Ireland.  After spending 4 years here he has decided to go now while he still can, and tackle something he has always wanted to tackle.

I have known Mairtin is leaving for awhile and I have used every technique I know to avoid the fact.  We will miss his drive, we will miss his ability to accomplish so much in so little time, we will miss his tech skills that I possess none of, but most of all we will miss him.

We will miss him jumping up and down like a lunatic at a Coldplay concert, we will miss him falling asleep on Kristen in 10 different positions on the bus in Ireland, we will miss him sitting at the low bar drinking whiskey and coke, we will miss the ideas, we will miss the big smile on the few occasions that we have left him inside the bar.


Mairtin’s last day is this Thursday and then he is heading away on the Jack Kerouac road for a few weeks returning to Lancaster for a week and half so we can give him a good Lancaster send off.

So Mairtin thanks for all you have done for Tellus360 and me.  Thanks for your friendship and your guidance.  Congrats on the new job and good luck to you and Kristin in Ireland.  We will miss you and expect you both back often.

So, for you, Mairtin, we all raise a pint of Guinness.