philadelphia_eagles_logo_4008First, let’s get one thing very clear: Tellus360 is not a sports bar.

When you walk into the pub, you won’t see sports logos all over the place. You also will notice something very different from traditional bars and sports bars:

No TV screens

You see, our desire is to maintain the simplicity of the traditional Irish pub, and remain relatively technology free. Yes, you’ll hear music, and yes, we’ll use a computer to keep track of your tab, and yes, we do have free Wifi.

But you won’t see people sitting at the bar with their eyes fixed on televisions with the latest game or the latest sports news from Sportscenter. We don’t want sports to be yet another distraction that prevents people from interacting.

But, we do love our sports. In fact, a few of our staff participate in regular Gaelic Football matches up and down the east coast. Plus, having experienced the power of community during our World Cup viewing parties with American Outlaws: Lancaster, we want to make sure we maintain that sense of community that often surrounds the world of sports. We also know that while Tellus360 was packed like a can of sardines during those World Cup matches, we have received a lot of requests for more. We have heard from many of you about your love for not only soccer, but football, of the American variety.

So with that in mind, and taking your suggestions into consideration, here’s what we are doing in the months to come:

In our back room, known as the Temple, we will we be hosting viewing parties on quite a few occasions. First off, we will be screening every Philadelphia Eagles game, and we hope you Eagles fans who came out for the World Cup, will return and bring your friends with you. We’re hoping for a very different experience than what you’ll find in a sports bar.

Second, we’ll also be supporting local college football fans by having viewing parties for all Penn State games. And, of course, it would also be a bit silly if we didn’t also screen all Notre Dame football games, you know, the Fighting Irish, and all, even though we consider ourselves a rather docile, lovable bunch.

PennState1-300x3001.gif Fighting-Irish-Logo

While we’ve made a commitment to football, but we’re not leaving you futbol/soccer fans in the cold, because we really do love our soccer. With that in mind, we’ve partnered with a local group of English Premier League fans here in Lancaster to host viewing parties for EPL soccer all season long. We know that a lot of you have fallen in love with soccer for the first time as a result of the World Cup, and we want to help you keep the momentum going! So whether you’re a fan of Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham, or any of the other EPL teams, you’re welcome to join us for every game we screen. We’ll be announcing the schedule in the near future, once we have the full TV schedule.


Now, we know that most of you can sit in the comfort of your own home and enjoy these games on your own terms. And that’s OK, but we are offering more than the games. We’ll be having drink and food specials for each of these game, but more importantly, we are offering you community. Real community. We want Tellus360 to be the place where you gather with your friends, old and new, and can truly share something special during these matchups, whether you’re rooting for the Eagles, the Nittany Lions, the Hotspurs, or even if you’ve come to root against any of these teams.

So, while we’re not a sports bar, we are a put that is all about community, whether it’s built around sports, music, or even just a love of beer. The pub at Tellus360 will remain just that: a traditional Irish pub where you can enjoy community without the distractions of technology. If all you want is a pint and perhaps some music, the experience in the pub will remain the same for you, day in and day out.  But we’ll be making new friends and creating community in the Temple at Tellus360, with sports at the center of all that.

We invite you to Tellus360 and the wonderful community of sports fans we have come to know and love. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and sign up for our email newsletter in order to find out more and stay up to date.

Are you ready for some football/futbol??