Socer cover


This Tuesday at 4 p.m., the U.S. Men’s soccer team will be taking on Belgium in the World Cup Round of 16. As always, we’ll be co-hosting a viewing party with American Outlaws: Lancaster, and the place will be packed. Now we understand that some of you have to work, and you want to get here to Tellus360 on the earlier side so that you can get the best viewing vantage point in the house.  But for many of you, that means leaving work early. If you’re the boss, no problem! But some of you have bosses to appease, so we figured we’d help you out a little and give you some really good excuses you can give to your boss in order to get out early and see the entire game. Hopefully one of these will do the trick for you. Perhaps you might just want to send this link to your boss and try all ten! Let us know how it works out for you!

#10 – There will be a lot of hot, single girls/guys there, some of whom have Irish accents! This might be my last chance to find a wife/husband, and I know my happiness is very important to you! If I’m happy, I’m sure I’ll be more productive…

#9 – They have a green roof over there, and I want to go get some inspiration for some green and eco-friendly initiatives here in our office that might get us some tax breaks.

#8 – It’s National Cool Bosses Day(or it should be!) and I wanted to celebrate by bringing you back some shepherd’s pie and a pint of Guinness. Might take me a little while, though…

#7 – I attended the one match the U.S. won, but couldn’t go to the others because of work. See what happens when I’m not there! Clearly I’m their good luck charm.

#6 – I hear there will be TV crews and newspaper photographers there. They’ve gotten a lot of coverage and even a front page news story, so I’ll wear my company logo hat and shirt and see if I can get us some screen time. Free marketing!

#5 – I hear soccer is a sign of moral decay. I need to get over there and police this thing. We’re talking debauchery and promiscuity! The fate of our country and culture is at stake!

#4 – I hear Tellus360 has some great event spaces that we might be able to use. I need to go check them out and see how they handle a crowd. You know…research.

#3 – I think some of our other employees might have skipped out of work and gone over to watch the game. I’m gonna go spy on them for you and find out if it’s true!

#2 – Beer. Wanna join me?

And, the top excuse to give your boss so you can leave work early and join us for the U.S. World Cup soccer match this Tuesday:

#1 –  ‘Merica!