roofbar2Hello folks! It is good to be writing to you, it is great to be in Lancaster with all you wonderful people, and it is fantastic that the summer is here and there is so much going on. Being from Ireland, where 60 degrees is an excuse to grab a pair of swim trunks, where a hole in the clouds with the sun peaking through constitutes a great day, and where a 70 degree day has the whole country stripping down to their underwear, driving with every window down, laying out till we are the perfect shade of red and saying to everyone who will listen “sure isn’t just a great day, if we had weather like this every day this would be the best country in the world!”

So as we enter into our Lancaster summer, if any one of you hears me complaining about the heat, please feel free to hit me, kick me, or laugh at me. I have been craving this heat all my life; I was made for this. Roll on the summer, my farmer’s suntan, and happy easy days where everything can wait till tomorrow or September, whichever comes second.

We have a lot to tell you about so I am just going to start right in:

• The World Cup has started and it is going to be off the charts. USA! USA! USA! USA! We’re showing every match on our big screens, plus we’re having full-blown viewing parties for all U.S. Matches in partnership with American Outlaws: Lancaster.

• We have a rooftop bar. I showed up at work one day and lo and behold, this awesome rooftop bar just appeared magically. The roof has always been my favorite part of the building and this just adds to the opportunities to be up there. The bar will be open 7 days a week for food and drink and I look forward to seeing you up there! It was open for the first time on First Friday, and everyone was raving about it. We’ll even be having a special exclusive rooftop fireworks viewing party for Celebrate Lancaster, so get your tickets now!


• We have food! We have been working on a new menu for months and it is ready, awesome, and waiting for your feedback and approval. Stayed tuned for daily specials that will blow your mind.

• We have new hours. We will now be opened 7 days a week. We will open at 4 p.m. on weekdays and 11 a.m. on weekends. In an effort to operate the many different wonderful things we do and not kill everyone working at Tellus360 we have decided to only do lunch on the weekends.

• We had three weddings in eight days and there was no funeral. Weddings scared us, and like most things we jumped in headfirst. Three weddings in eight days, the biggest being 175 people: Dominicans, New Yorkers, Mennonites and Irish, a great mix of people, some really good dancing, some really bad dancing, and we had an absolute ball. Thank you for trusting us with your special days and to any of you planning a private event of any sort, bring it on!

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• Lastly, we are thrilled to have rijuice housed in the building, We are launching an everyday rijuice cocktail menu and it comes with a no hangover guarantee.


Again thank you all for your support and patronage. We are constantly working to be inclusive and give you opportunities to come visit us. We love seeing you, we love getting your feedback, and as we continue to evolve we will do so in partnership with Lancaster and with you.

Thank you Lancaster, the best town in America!