roof barWe have a lot of parties and events at Tellus360, and have even had a few weddings as of late. Now it’s time to have a birthday party.

Not for one of us or one of our customers, but for our green roof! It’s three years old!

It was three years ago this month that we opened up our green roof, which at the time, was rather unique here in Lancaster. What began as just another commercial roof in a city, has blossomed into one of the city’s hot spots and attractions.

Over the years this green roof has hosted regular yoga sessions, suppers, private events, and even live music and DJ’s. Just a few weeks ago we installed and opened a bar on the roof, and the June First Friday crowd fell in love. Not a day goes by when someone doesn’t visit Tellus360 for the first time, and as we give them free reign to wander our space from top to bottom, they walk away in love with what we have done, particularly on the roof. As locals and regulars drop in, their first words are often, “Is the roof open?”

This is exactly what we envisioned for the roof: a space for people to come and relax and enjoy themselves, perhaps with a drink and even some food.

This Friday night we’ll be hosting a special sold-out Fireworks viewing party on the green roof as part of Celebrate Lancaster! And then on Saturday, June 28, we’ll take some time to have our own little celebration, and you’re invited!

All day that day, beginning at 11 a.m., we will let the green roof host it’s own third birthday party. In addition to the bar, balloons, and even some cake, we’ll have live music throughout the day from a few of our Session Sunday favorites, Andy Mowatt, Corty Byron, and Dave Pedrick.

The music kicks off at 1 p.m., and we’ll cut the cake at 3 p.m.!

It’s going to be a grand time from morning ’til late into the night, and we want you to join us. Whether you’re a regular on the roof, or have never even stepped foot in Tellus360, you’re invited to be a guest at our party ‘and see what everyone has been talking about.

Oh, and feel free to nose around our blog and see the progression of our green roof over the past three years, from its inception to its completion.

Roof pics

We’ve even got some instructions and specs for you if you want to try your hand at your own green roof.

We know we have something special over our heads, and now we want to really share it with the rest of Lancaster.

Happy Birthday, Green Roof!

See you on Saturday!