38 days and counting, and it doesn’t feel like a diet anymore.

So we have been eating vegan, completely unprocessed for 38 days and over the last week or so it has stopped feeling like a diet. Somewhere along the way I stopped thinking about it all the time and have started to just enjoy it.

Walking past La Dolce Vita no longer requires will-power. Ordering a salad is easy. Reading the menu and knowing you can’t eat a lot of it doesn’t really matter. And as crazy as this sounds, the food has been fantastic. All fresh, mostly local and incredibly tasty.

Here’s where we are at:

• We have eaten out a lot more and it has been great.
• Megan at Character’s Pub has prepared a couple of fantastic meals.
• We had dinner at Jethro’s on Saturday and it was amazing
• We have been juicing twice a day and it has been great.
• Rijuice, soon to be housed in Tellus360 (more on that to come soon!), has been supplying the juice and it has been amazing. All fresh and mostly local – thank you lads.
• The juice mixed with rum might be the greatest thing since sliced bread…
• I feel I have found again my Irishness. I eat potatoes about 17 times a day. And I would probably eat them a bit more except people already think I am crazy.
• I have been failing miserably at sticking to seven drinks a week and I have a sneaking suspicion that this week is not going to be any better with the upcoming festivities. Back on The Wagon on the 18th…
• I have had a cold during this and I find that upsetting, because I am eating like this I feel I should be invincible.
• This has been fun.
• I think I will remain a vegan when I am done.
• I have got back to the gym and have fallen off the treadmill as promised.

By the numbers:

• Weigh in 2/2/14 – 237.4 lbs
• Weigh in 2/11/14 – 234.0 lbs
• Weigh in 2/15/14 – 231.8 lbs
• Weigh in 3/1/14 – 226.4 lbs

In Summary

Life has been good, I am happy I have been doing this and it is hard to believe that it was 30 days ago since I had my last cup of coffee.

Peace, love and here is to everything local,