wwwWe’re currently in the process of filming a commercial to help you understand the Wirelessless Wednesday concept. We haven’t wrapped up production quite yet, but in the mean time, here’s the script… We’ll post the final product when it’s complete to help give you an idea of the vibe of Wirelessless Wednesdays.

Or, you can just come on out and join us every Wednesday night…… DJ Salinger spins this week, and DJ Image makes his debut next week!

Scene: Joe and Mairtin sitting in front of the bar. Bar man pouring two pints of Guinness. DJ Nick in the background spinning vinyl.

Bar man puts them up to set on top of the beer box. Camera starts on close up of the Guinness being poured like a commercial for the black stuff. Moves out to frame the pints setting up on the beer box, then moves back further to picture Joe and Mairtin sitting at the bar. All filmed from the inside of the bar looking out.

Joe speaks in his best worst Jamaican accent. Mairtin speaks in his best worst back of beyond west Galway accent.

Joe: Wirelessless Wednesdays, mon.

Mairtin: Wireless what?

Joe: Wirelessless Wednesdays, monnnnnnn!

Mairtin: Oh yeah, I got you.

Joe: Yeah mon. Wirelessless Wednesdays, mon.

Mairtin: OK. I got you.

Joe: No cell phones, mon.

Mairtin: OK.

Joe: No computers that sit in your lap, mon.

Mairtin: Got you.

Joe: No pagers, mon.

Mairtin: Ok, mon.

Joe: No televisions, mon.

Mairtin: Got ya.

Joe: No Tickle Me Elmo’s, mon.

Mairtin: Ya right.

Joe: None of them electronics, mon.

Mairtin: Got ya. So what do you do, mon?

Joe: Nothing with batteries, mon. Or plugs, mon. No texting, mon. No phone calls, mon. No TV’s, mon.

Bar man comes in and finishes off the pints sets them in front of the lads and the lads leave them set up. Zoom close-up of the Guinness, zoom back out to the previous angle.

Joe: We play the Island music, mon.

Mairtin: I love the island music.

Joe: We eat the coconut curry, mon.

Mairtin: Half and half?

Joe: Yea mon, half chips, half rice.

Mairtin: This sounds good boy.

Joe: We drink the Island beer, mon.

Mairtin: Sláinte.

Both lads take a slow big slug of their pints.

Joe: We dance a little island style, mon.

Mairtin: Ceili like.

Joe: We feel the vibes, mon.

Mairtin: Love the vibes, boy. Love the vibes.

Joe: Wirelessless Wednesdays, mon!

Mairtin: Wirelessless Wednesdays! Brilliant.

Joe: What Island are you from, mon?

Mairtin: Phoenis boy. Just off the coast of Conemara.

Joe: Waterford mon – an island surrounded by savages.

Mairtin: Right boy.

Joe: Yeah mon.

Da wolf and Rolston walk in and sit down either side, bar man puts on two more pints, same scene.

Joe: Hello mon.

Rolston: Crisp and curry, mon.

Mairtin: How ya lads?

Da wolf: Yeah mon.

Joe: Pass the dutchie.

Mairtin: On the left hand side.

Video plays out with Musical Youth’s “Pass the Dutchie” with lads drinking their pints, loving the vibes.