So I am nearly three weeks in and I am really sorry for the slowness on the updates. I was sitting outside La Dolce Vita for two of them with my tongue on the side walk, drooling madly, with eyes going every way and nose turned up to smell the sweet aromas of heaven wafting through the door. Finally Donna came along and gave me a good kick in the butt and told me to move on, no room for strays or Irish here.

All right so how has it been going I hear you ask? Here’s what I have learned:
• Cooking isn’t nearly as scary as I thought it was.
• I thought I would never be able to give up coffee but it was not that bad.
• I don’t quite poop as much I did for the first week but it is very rewarding when I do.
• I now feel hung over after 2 drinks (crazy).
• I dream of being a serial killer and bludgeoning to death any one I jealously see with a sandwich on fresh bread. (Not really but I thought it would sound good in the blog).
• There is not a loss of stuff I miss.
• It has been nice to spend time at home preparing food, eating food, relaxed and good.
• Withdrawal seems to be gone although I would have murdered a cheddar cheese bagel and tomato and basil cream cheese from market this morning.
• I have replace my coffee intake with decaffeinated tea by the bucket full.
• I might be the only person in the world that became a vegetarian that did not like vegetables. I am starting to like vegetables.
• People think I am weird.
• I love popcorn.
• I love soup.

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 3.47.13 PMBy the numbers:

• Weigh in on 2/2/14 –– 237.4lbs
• Weigh in on 2/11/14 –– 234.0lbs
• Weigh in on 2/15/14 ––  231.8lbs

In summary:

Well I have eaten more in the last few weeks than I have ever eaten in my life – well maybe other than the frequent trips to Ireland where I inhaled sausages and rashers – and I have lost almost 6 lbs.

I feel good but I would not say great yet. My mind is still a little clogged up which seems to be lifting slowly but I am hoping will keep lifting. I think I expected the change to make me more focused but I am still as unfocused as ever.

It has been fun so far and although a couple of tough moments it has not been terribly difficult.

We also started this saying that we could drink for one night a week and changed it after the first week to seven drinks a week, drank whenever you want with no rollovers. This has made it a lot easier in that you can go for a beer or a wine if you want.

I started doing this with no real idea why I was doing it and I still do not completely know why I am doing it. But I do really like having control over what I eat, I do really like knowing every thing that goes into my food and I do like the freedom of not being addicted to the coffees and sugars.

So until next time my friends, I shall keep trucking along eating my beans and veg, having a good time. Also next week exercising is coming on line in a strong way. Apologies in advance if you see me falling off the treadmill at the YMCA.

Lastly thank you to Martha and Julie who I could not do this without!

Peace, love and hurry up spring,