About three weeks ago in a moment of New Years madness, I had the absolutely incredibly foolish idea of weighing myself. This was the first weigh-in since we at Tellus360 got a liquor license and truth be told probably the first weigh in in a year or so.

So as I watched my wheel of fortune spinning uncontrollably like Olga the Russian weightlifter had caught hold of it, it finally started to slow down long after the numbers it usually slowed down at had passed.

After jumping off, running around in circles jumping up and down screaming my head off for two whole minutes, I finally started to find my inner peace. After a 15-minute Buddhist meditation, followed by another two-minute lap of the house screaming my head off, I looked angrily at the scale.

Well obviously the scale must be broken or at least I must have read it wrong. So with the courage of a very big, overweight mouse, I stepped up on the scale one toe at a time, all the time dangling one leg over the side in the hope that it wouldn’t count.

I kept my eyes closed this time afraid to watch the scales spinning like a washing machine. And opening one eye partially followed by the other, like I was looking at the fantastic bread tab art around town, I saw 235 big ones!

Holy S*#T batman … you got to be kidding me! No, no tell me it is not true. A less dramatic protest this time, I grabbed the corner of the room, slid slowly down the wall (football fans think Romolicious), dropped my head into my two fat hands and started to cry.

After going through the full gamut of emotions and thoughts:

  • Where do I give back this liquor license?
  • Guinness I hate you!
  • Holy 235 big ones!
  • This is madness!
  • Guinness I love you!
  • I got to do something…
  • Stop crying.
  • 235 big ones!
  • Guinness I really love you!
  • 235 huge ones!!
  • Guinness, you and me should get married sometime!
  • Maybe 235 isn’t so bad – at least it is not 250!
  • Guinness forget marriage, let’s just run away…
  • Well, maybe walk away, as being 235 big ones and running could be really tough.

Well you get the point. I rode the emotional roller coaster between Guinness and weight loss. After the ups and downs and the back and forth, after a long lead into Christmas and a slow easing out of it,  I feel it is time to change the way I am eating.

I have been a vegetarian for a while and during this I played with been a vegan for about four months of it. I became a failing vegan during the summer while in Brazil where the forbidden fruit was pizza in a cone – a delicious concoction of dough, sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Since I stopped been a vegan I have felt I should start again, feeling that a simple plant-based whole food diet is right for me. My brush with the weighing scales and the support of a few friends have given me the enthusiasm to give this a go again.

rijuiceSo Julie Miskelley, Martha Good and I have decided to do a 60-day change in life based loosely off our understanding of Forks Over Knives and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. We have also decided to write about this experience, and measure the results.

We have decided to write about it because we think it will be funny and also because we feel the need to be held accountable. We have decided to keep the results because there are so many opinions and ideas out there, we really wanted to understand how we measure up before and after these sixty days.

So this is what we have agreed to:

Whole Food Challenge

  • February 1st to April 1st
  • Whole foods only – nothing processed.
  • Only exception: a small bit of olive or coconut oil & vinegar.
  • Vegan – no meat or dairy.
  • Juicing/blending (with water) perfectly fine.
  • No caffeine.
  • Alcohol allowed once a week but this can be saved up and used at another time if you want.
  • Measure weight once a week.
  • We will document what we eat and drink.
  • Constant updates to how we feel energy, mental and whole being.

We welcome anyone else who would like to join also!