vccshscbIt’s hard to believe 2014 is but a few days away. With the start of 2014 comes the end of 2013, and we are not going to leave it go quietly! We hope you are ready for tomorrow night’s party!!! Corty Byron and Vinegar Creek have been practicing (and that’s music not drinking!). Second Hand Suits have been added to the line up to get things kicked off and jazzed up.

But prior to the night we wanted to let you know what to expect from us –– A hell of a good time!

We want you to have the best night of your life and anything we can do to help that happen just let us know.  We are here to make sure that you are enjoying yourself!

Here’s the deal. We will have three bars. The front room, which most of you are likely familiar with by now, will operate as a full bar. The back room will have a big bar set up that will serve wine, bottled beer, champagne, Jameson, Gordon’s Gin, Smirnoff Vodka, Jim Beam and Jose Cuervo for you brave souls that drink it. Also in the back room will be a second bar serving only bottled beers, wine and bottles of Champagne.

We are going to run the bar as cash or drink ticket bar. For those of you who would rather use a credit card, we will have a couple of people solely dedicated to selling drink tickets in designated locations. We are doing this to ensure we get you drinks quickly and timely. And if you buy drink coupons and don’t use them all, we will honor them after New Years also.

All drinks will be $5.50, with the only exception being premium booze. A pint of Guinness, a glass of Apothic wine or a Jameson and coke will all be the same price – $5.50.

Doors will open at 6pm, with Second Hand Suits starting at 7pm in the front room.  At about 9pm, the music will shift to the back room.

We will be serving Irish Beef Stew and Irish Vegetarian Stew from 6-8pm for anyone who would like to eat.

Music will go to approximately 1am. Last call is at 1:30am, giving you 45 minutes to finish up time before we have you out the door by 2:15am, at which point our staff will dive in to the exciting job of cleaning the place……. Yippeeee!

Again folks, we are really excited to ring in the New Year with you. It is going to be a fantastic time. If you would like to come in for some practice before hand we have great music tonight (acoustic duo Uncle Fester’s Candy Shop) and tomorrow night is the long-awaited debut of Slimfit’s new album at the Mickel B-Day Bash!