sessionWe at Tellus360 have always loved Sundays! Growing up in rural Ireland, Sunday was always the best day. Everyone but the barmen had off – the farmers, the factory workers, the teachers, the doctors, the very young, the awful old, the wives, the boyfriends, the families, the musicians, the poets and the artists.

The day usually started with church, football, golf, soccer, placing your head in a sling from the night before or your mothers wonderful Sunday Roast. Always easy, never hard, always welcoming. Anything that needed to be done could wait another day.

Inevitably, it ended at the local pub for a few beers, a good chat and some great music. A chance for the farmer to transform into Elvis, the doctor into Oscar Wilde, the glass maker into Johnny Cash, the young girl into Janis Joplin and the old lady into Dolly Parton.

We have missed these days. The weekend is now packed into Friday and Saturday, with Sunday’s spent thinking about Monday.

So about six months ago we started having Sunday Suppers. The idea was to get a group together for a fantastic dinner once a month, serve dinner slowly, have a few drinks and get to know each other better. We wanted a chance to extend the weekend an extra few hours, to live connected.

The first dinner had maybe 30 people and from there they have grown to where we are selling out all 60 available seats weeks in advance. These dinners grabbed at our memories of Ireland, of easy Sundays spent with friends, of good company and good laughs.

They also showed us that it was not just us Irish folk who wanted easy Sundays spent connected with friends. Turns out we all crave that bit of time spent enjoying each other, going slow, eating good food, listening to good music, telling good stories.

We have decided in January to recreate the Sundays of our youth. Home cooking, great music in a session style format, a few beers and the ability to be with our friends for good times and good laughs. Allow us to introduce –– Session Sundays!

The sessions will vary in music style each Sunday, following a schedule of genres from week to week. They will start at 2pm and run through to whenever we close at 7pm. Our goal is to give the many amazing musicians from around town and the county a place to play with out the pressures of Friday and Saturday night, an opportunity to jam with their peers, to forge some new friendships or maybe try out a new style of music different than their own. Each session will have a leader to guide things along, but otherwise they will be free formed, traveling in whichever direction the group wishes to go!

We’ll also have Irish stews and other home and hearty dishes available to eat!

Here’s our monthly schedule:

First Sunday
Acoustic session with Matt Wheeler.

Second Sunday
Acoustic Americana “Hootenanny” Jam Session led by Corty Byron

Third Sunday
New Orleans Jazz Session led by Andy Mowatt

Fourth Sunday
Irish Session led by Dave Pedrick

Fifth Sunday
Surprise Session with surprise guests