Hey folks,

I wanted to drop a line to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year. I hope I will see lots of you over the holidays – to reminisce on a wonderful year, laugh at all the stupid stuff we have done so far (and believe me, I still have some stupid stuff to do yet!). I will tell you all about my New Years resolutions that I haven’t made yet and are absolutely going to last till at least lunch time on New Years Day.

It has been a funny year. It seems like it started yesterday, hit the summer sometime during the night and is about be over tomorrow. We have moved our wood shop twice, built and rebuilt 24 East King Street at least twice, and have had a lot of fun through it all.

On the personal side, I have watched my two boys grow up before my eyes, realizing sometime in spring that any influence I thought I had is well and truly over. They are grown up and wonderful. I traveled here and there, met and enjoyed people everywhere.

So when I look back on the year what jumps out are the magic moments: the Levon Helm night and 20 lads up on one stage together and singing their heart out; the Extraordinary Give and that great and wonderful feeling that we are part of something so much bigger than just ourselves; a trip over the mountain with my dad, a discussion with my lads; a Sunday Supper of great food and great people.

IMG_3914 copyThe Stray Birds in the big room, our first show ever on the new stage. An aerialist hanging out of the ceiling of the front room with a band sound checking on the stage. Mairtin pulling our first pints of Guinness ever. Shaina telling me about her hen house at Sunday Supper. Interviewing the mayor in the recording studio. An impromptu song by Mike when I should be long home in bed. Hitting Donal with a snowball in the head.

So as I spend way too much of my time worrying about this and that, thinking about that and this, wondering if I did it this way or that way, it is nice to reflect and understand that it is of little importance, that the only thing of importance is my relationship to all of you who are in my life, all of you who make my memories real.

So as we head into an exciting 2014 for us my resolution is to relax, to enjoy, to not worry about the thats and the this’s, the whys and the why nots. To live present and grateful to have you all creating memories in my life.

We have decided in January to temporarily close the store portion of our business. We are doing it for a couple of reasons. The upstairs is not ready. We want to give music a fair chance and to do so we need to have the space available in the big room all the time. Lastly we feel it has gotten away from us.

We started the store to showcase the wonderful furniture that the guys in our wood shop produce. As a showcase of products that are beautiful, tell a story, will last the tests of time and that are made in a way that is true to our beliefs. In the three years since we have started, our store has evolved into carrying a lot more stuff. And while it is all incredibly cool stuff, we don’t want to just sell stuff.

We have decided to step away for a few months to determine exactly what we want our store to be when we move upstairs, what products we want to sell and why do we want to sell them. It is exciting to me to be able to get a second chance at this.

Having the store has been fantastic; the people who have come through and who have worked there have changed us forever. It is completely because of the store that we have a very successful wood shop, a music venue, a green roof, a recording studio and so much more.

It is with great excitement that I head into this new beginning. I am excited to think about what the future will bring and what our new store will look like. We will keep you informed as we progress.

Lastly, we are going to start running trips to Nepal in October of 2014.  This will be an incredible journey where you get to experience all that’s wonderful about Nepal, the people, the place and the genuine heartfelt happiness. We cannot wait for this, it is going to be wonderful.

So as another year goes into the books, I am thankful to have you all in my life, I am grateful for where life has found me and I am excited for where the road will take me.


Thank you,