joeguinnessAfter a late night and an early morning I have finally a chance to sit and reflect. What is washing over me is an incredible feeling of gratitude to be a part of a community like Lancaster and a family like Tellus360.

Our liquor license was a long time coming. I thought we would have it in May, to coincide with my dad’s birthday. Then summer rolled in and it was always around the corner, there was no way it would pass August. So we belted into the construction, worked all hours given, pushed and pulled to get everything done – and August came and went.

I was then sure Capital Day was the day. I was wrong (not unusual). When October was written off, it had to be coming on my birthday, November 7. I felt it, I knew it and I sat waiting for a call all day. Well then maybe my mother’s birthday, the 18th. Well you guessed it – NO!

So, Wednesday morning we got word, Thursday morning we got the license, Thursday night we got beer and today we got open. November 22 – The Extraordinary Give!

People always ask me why and how I ended up in Lancaster and after telling them the story of a drunken night, I proceed to tell them because it felt and feels like home. This great community, where people care about each other, care about their city and are willing to live by their beliefs.

I left Ireland kicking and screaming, when I was 18, running away in search of excitement, Baywatch women, Rocky Mountains and myself. And I guess if I was honest about it I have been searching for Ireland ever since I left. A community I could be a part of, a place I belonged.

So it is with great gratitude that I say thank you to you all for allowing me to make Lancaster my home. It is with incredible pride that I tell people that I am from Lancaster and that it is the best city anywhere.

And it feels incredibly right to me that we get to open on a day where the whole community of Lancaster pulls together to support each other. What Sam Bressi and the Community Foundation have created with the Extraordinary Give blows me away.

As I hit refresh this morning for the 78th time and saw $923,000, I am amazed and I am grateful to be a part of a place and a community that is this wonderful.

So give generously today, be proud of where we come from and thank you so much for allowing me to make Lancaster my home.