Red Fox at press conference

Red Fox at press conference


October 29, 2013

At a City press confidence this morning, Inspector Sean O’ Byrne stated that the previous reports that a body was found in Tellus360 were incorrect. Citing the findings from a diagnostic test performed at a local crime lab, O’ Byrne said it was determined that the findings were simply animal bones and that the department had made a mistake. He said the file will be closed and that he apologizes to Tellus360 and owner Joe Devoy for the trouble and innuendo caused by these erroneous reports.

Mayor Red Fox, who was in attendance at the press conference, said after that he is also sorry for the way this has been handled. Said Mayor Fox, “It is businessmen like Devoy and businesses like Tellus360 that keep the town alive.”

When asked for comment, Devoy said he appreciated the city clearing up the issue and he is happy to leave it behind him.

Yours in truth, Brendan O’Carroll.