October 16, 2013

Inspector Carruthers' house

Inspector Caruthers’ house Wednesday morning

Inspector Michael Caruthers, a 23-year veteran of Lancaster PD, has mysteriously disappeared. This morning, good friend Mick Wallace came to pick up Caruthers for the pair’s weekly morning round of golf only to find the front door open, kitchen sink running and pot of coffee still on the burner.

A disbelieving and distraught Mick Wallace could not fathom any scenario where Caruthers would leave in such haste. Friends and family have tried repeatedly to reach Caruthers on his cell phone, but the phone appears to be turned off. It’s being speculated that the inspector’s disappearance may be linked to the long hours he has been putting in investigating the Tellus360 homicide and “Book of the Dead.”

Inspector Caruthers is a native of Lancaster, his parents having moved here from Ireland in the 1930’s. He has no known family members outside of the area, so there are no immediate leads on where he has gone – or why.

Ever vigilant, Richard Cabeza.