October 25, 2013

Professor Noetal

Professor Noetal vanished!

The history and ancient manuscript professor who was called on to inspect the “Book of the Dead” at Tellus360 has mysteriously disappeared from his campus office. Last Wednesday Professor Noetal was seen in his office at 1pm for his regular office hours. He has not been seen since. His car was found where he had parked it on campus, his office door was open and there were no signs of disturbance.

Noetal’s disappearance is the second mysterious vanishing in the ongoing Book of the Dead and homicide case at Tellus360. Lancaster PD Inspector Caruthers vanished last week, and has still yet to turn up.

The Lancaster PD, the college and the student body are reaching out for any help anybody might be able to provide in finding this extremely popular professor. Student president Manus Walsh stated, “It is like he disappeared into thin air – his briefcase is at his desk, his coat is on the hook and he is just gone. No one  saw him leave”

In what police believe is a potentially related story, “The Book of The Dead” found at Tellus360 a couple of weeks ago has also gone missing from a police evidence room. When asked about the missing book, new Inspector Sean O’Byrne said he is unsure how the book went missing but he is confident that it will show up.

Always questioning, Richard Cabeza.