October 20, 2013

Old Clan of Samhain picture

Old Clan of Samhain

Tellus360 owner Joe Devoy has finally offered a public comment concerning the ongoing investigation of a homicide on the premises.

“Halloween, an ancient Irish festival, is one that is very important to us. This Halloween in particular is the fourteenth 100-year anniversary of my ancestors’ finding of the Clan of Samhain and we intend to honor this. On October 31, at 10:13 p.m., we will read the chant of the dead, the same way as my family and I have done it for every 100 years since AD713.”

No further news on the homicide investigation at Tellus360 has been disclosed, and it seems to have taken a back seat since the sudden and mysterious disappearance of Inspector Caruthers.

Your man around town, Richard Cabeza.