October 11, 2013

Devoy in happier times

Devoy in happier times

On a rainy Friday morning, a visibly shaken Joseph Devoy refused to answer questions in relation to the finding of “The Book of the Dead” or regarding the Tellus360 basement murder. When asked for comment, the shop’s owner aggressively pushed through the cameramen and hurried away from reporters saying, “I know nothing! Leave me alone! I am warning you, this is bigger than all of us… If you know what is good for you – stay away!”

The native Irishman Devoy is one of several Tellus360 employees currently under suspicion in relation to the recently released news that a mutilated body was found in his building during a recent construction project.

City records indicate that Devoy and his partners bought the building on July 26, 2006. Previously, the 24 East King Street property was home to a plasma center and blood bank.

At this point in time, our source at Tellus360 maintains that the Halloween Costume Ball on October 31 is progressing as planned.

Dedicated to the truth, Richard Cabeza.