October 9, 2013

Professor Noetal

Professor Noetal

In a press conference today, Inspector Caruthers verified that an historian and ancient manuscripts specialist from Franklin and Marshall College has confirmed that the “Book of the Dead” found at Tellus360 during construction is, in fact, of Irish origin and dates back to the 6th century.

Professor Noetal has described the discovery – which we understand is in perfect condition and seemingly untouched – as one of history’s greatest finds.

“I feel privileged to have been able to examine it, to touch it,” Noetal remarked. “What a find!”

Professor Noetal’s demeanor changed almost immediately, however, when he was questioned on the book’s content – his excitement was quickly replaced with a sudden look of fear. When asked on the current location of the book, Professor Noetal refused to answer.

Inspector Caruthers said that while they have no direct suspects in the homicide at Tellus360, they are questioning a number of people who have been involved in the building in the past – the building’s previous owners, shop keepers and employees. It has also come to light that the building once operated as a blood bank, but there has been no real indication whether there is any correlation here.

We have yet to learn whether the owners of Tellus360 are cooperating with the investigation. We have learned from an inside source who requested we hide their identity, however, that the upcoming Halloween Costume Ball is to go on as planned.

Here for you, Richard Cabeza.