October 4, 2013

Ancient Manuscript found in Tellus360

Ancient Manuscript found in Tellus360

During the construction of Tellus360’s new music venue, it has been reported that a book over 1300 hundred years old was uncovered. The staff at Tellus360 has been quite close-lipped about it, but they did reveal that it is called “The Book of the Dead” and that it has its origins in Ireland.

Rumors are circulating that along with the book, there were possibly human remains found also. Nobody seems willing to talk and there is a general air of fear around the whole discovery.

One unnamed source said, “Be afraid, be very very afraid!”

Although they considered canceling the recently announced Halloween Ball scheduled for October 31, they have made a decision to continued as planned. We will update this story as more becomes available.

Your eagle eye reporter, Richard Cabeza.