Let’s get something straight – we are not getting involved in the illicit drug trade!Pablo Escobar on his farm

Pablo Escobar is a third-generation coffee farmer from the Santa Rosa region in Guatemala, and our coffee beans that we’re serving in The Farmette are coming straight from Señor Escobar’s family Peña Blanca farm.

What’s that? You want to know more about the farm? Of course you do.

The 685-hectacre farm is situated at 3,900-5,900 feet elevation. It receives at 78 inches annual rainfall and enjoys a balmy 75˚ average temperature. The farm grows predominately bourbon and caturra variety plants, with the beans harvested wet, washed and dried on the premises.

So how do we know all these details? This information comes thanks to the good folks over at The Gerhart Coffee Company here in Lancaster. The 133-year-old coffee roaster goes to great lengths to ensure that its beans are sourced fairly and even travels to meet the farmers on their farms (that’s Pablo Escobar on the right!). That dedication and personal relationship with its producers made Gerhart a natural fit for providing the coffee in The Farmette. Enjoy a cup the old-fashioned way, doll it up with some sugar in the raw or organic milk, or order a french press to experience a truly flavorful coffee experience.