Here’s a riddle for you.

So there’s a store in downtown Lancaster that is transforming itself into an arts, entertainment and events hub. During construction, they build a mezzanine that will be home to a top-notch foodery called The Farmette that will serve exclusively food made with local, Lancaster-sourced ingredients. They will then be migrating all of the retail floor to the huge second floor directly above the front room pub and mezzanine.

So how do they make it easy for everyone to get from floor to floor?


Of course, we are talking about ourselves here. We are just over the moon excited to show off these brand new stairs (not to mention the mezzanine, Farmette, bar, music venue, bathrooms, etc., etc., etc.) to you all. And we’ll be doing that VERY VERY SOON!!!!!!!

How soon? Well, you’re just going to have to put on your patient pants and wait. But it’s a-comin’, and we’re willing to bet it’s a lot sooner than you might expect.

In the mean time… LOOK AT OUR NEW STAIRS!