Dear Friends,
Thanks to all of those who donated to our friend Avi Bhattarai, an 8 year old from rural Nepal whom we love and support. We were able to raise enough money for him to have radiation to stop a tumor that was growing on his spine. Please read more about their story here:

He and his family have been in India for the duration of his medical needs and have been borrowing money to pay for all expenses including a hotel, food, taxi, and medical bills for the past month and a half. Avi and his family have overcome so much and are very grateful for all the financial support they have been receiving. Sudan sent this email today..

Namaste to all,

 Hello, we are in Delhi and preparing to go back to Nepal. Please, I’d like to hear your ideas. I know it was very difficult for you all to raise a huge amount of money right now. I understand many families and friends have already donated money to Avi so it is very difficult to raise more. Everyone is working hard, thank you very much. We are happy. Please be happy because we have our Avi back. Thank you.

 We are sure there will be no need to do chemotherapy in the future. Now the main problem is that we are stuck in Delhi. We need to pay $2,500 for rent, food. juice, laundry, water, brunch, etc. Also we need to buy three plane tickets to Nepal. We are totally out of money. I had some money but I paid to the taxi, which we used everyday to go back and forth to the hospital for 35 days.

 Everyday we stay in India we have to pay around $50, for living costs. So in this situation, I tried to call my relatives in Nepal and my dad too, but they are not able to do anything because they can’t.

 So, please if there is any option to help out please share you ideas. If there

is any possibilities to loan money from somewhere or someone, I will pay them back before Dashain festival. I am planning to sell my land very soon so that I can it back. These are my ideas for now. I will pay back that loan with interest too if need be. So, please if there is any possibility to help, please thank for sharing your ideas.

 Finally, thank you very much for your ideas soon. Good luck with everything.


Sudan Bhattarai (writing from India) 

What this boils down to is that we need to raise about $1000 by tomorrow! This seems like a huge amount but we can do it but only with your help…
So please share this, spread the word, donate some money, and lets help the Bhattarai’s get home.

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