If you’ve been by the store over the past few weeks, you’ve likely heard the cacophony of jack hammers, sledge hammers, circular saws and drills tapping and vrooming away in the basement and in the back of the building. Think of it as that not-so-harmonic moment when the symphony all tunes up before the performance –– this is all a sign of all the beautiful music that is to come!

The good news is that our wonderfully talented crew has been putting in long days (and nights) as they work to transform our space. And it’s looking awesome. Our back room is already looking more and more like the venue its destined to become, which means that the front room is up next.

While our goal has been to keep the store up and running all the while during construction, we will be forced to close the store next week for a few days as we relocate the retail side of things to a temporary home in The Temple. (What’s “The Temple”??? More on that to come :) Just thought we’d drop a little foreshadowing in there…)

So, to sum it up:

Tellus360 will be closed from Monday, June 24, to Thursday, June 27

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for any changes to this plan. Also, Yoga on the Roof will still happen on Monday and Wednesday at 6pm. Just walk up the sidewalk along the ramp to the garage and enter through the side door.

And for the sentimentalists out there –– stop by the store this weekend to get one last glimpse of the store as you’ve known it.

Onward and upward!