It’s Dad’s turn…

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Why not get a head start on your shopping and give Dad a tutorial on eco-friendly fashion? No matter what type of Dad you have, we’re confident we’ve got you covered…

We’ve set up a Father’s Day HQ display to help you get started, featuring:

  • reclaimed wood sunglasses from Proof Eyewear (for the hipster Dads)
  • wooden watches from WeWood (for the classy Dads)
  • reclaimed wood ties and bowties from WoodThumb (for the hipster Dads)
  • recycled bike chain bottle openers and business card holders (for the biker Dads)
  • Tellus360 reclaimed wood electric guitars (for the rock star Dads)
  • manly candles, bath/body products and mustache wax (for the hygiene-conscious Dads)

Many of these items are limited stock, so get on your horse and stop by the shop!

Check out the slideshow below for a preview of what’s available.