If you’ve walked by the shop yesterday or today, you’ve probably noticed that things look, well, a bit different.

By the end of the day yesterday, our front room was completely empty after an action-packed day of relocating all of our displays, merchandise and furniture to the recently finished second room. Construction on the front room began today as we are preparing to build a mezzanine level off the back wall – the future home of our organic food bar, The Farmette!

But don’t worry –– the store will REOPEN ON FRIDAY in its new home in the second room. Instead of entering from our front door on East King Street, just walk right up the sidewalk that goes up the ramp toward the parking garage (just like you are going to our awesome friends at Fraiche Studio spa and salon). This is your first chance to see the room that will eventually be our main concert venue in all its glory, as well as some new product displays and decorations…

Stop on by as you hit the town for Celebrate Lancaster!

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