The Amplification Project is complete!

We’re kidding, obviously. BUT, we are super excited about these giant speaker horns that the construction crew from across the street hooked us up with yesterday. Rumor has it that they were previously used as air raid sirens as they sat perched atop the building that Fulton Bank is renovating and expanding into.

We couldn’t bear to see them just get thrown in the trash, so we asked if we could have them. And what will we use them for, you may ask? Well, that isn’t quite so clear yet, but rest assured, you’ll be seeing and – after yesterday’s successful test run in hooking them up to our stereo here in the store – hearing from them soon enough.

Stay tuned…

(And a big thanks to our neighbors at Fulton Bank and the construction crew for saving them for us. All 8 of ’em…….)