We’ve long been big fans of TEDTalks, but this segment just about blew us away. Here at Tellus360 HQ, we’re constantly seeking out new ways to cut down on our consumption at the store, from using only glass drinking cups and washable plates at our events on down to implementing a digital means to replacing our reliance on business cards (more on that to come…). After all, what good is preaching the reuse/recycle/reclaim gospel if we don’t live it ourselves?!

Well here’s a four-and-a-half-minute segment that will, with any luck, forever change your paper towel usage habits. Seriously. Who knew just how simple it could be?

What it all comes down to, is just a little shake and fold, friends. It’s kind of fun, too!


(Thanks to Ken Mueller at Inkling Media for bringing this gem of a video to our attention!)