I am so happy to introduce this month’s exhibit in Gallery360, Literarily: Design & the Written Word. This concept for an exhibition has been in the works (in my mind) for a long time now, as a fusion of two of my most longstanding passions: art and reading. I’ve found that “What are you reading lately?” is a question that comes up consistently in my conversations with fellow artists and art lovers, so finally the time came to pose that question to the artist community.

What are you reading? What have you read that you can’t forget? What piece of writing is so important that you had to create something, design something, build something, find a way to scream it from the rooftops? As always, I ask and the art world answers my call! I was so pleased to have an inbox full of literature-inspired artwork to choose from, and I thank each and every person who submitted work to this show. As always, it was a daunting task to make the selections, not only of which work best encapsulated the theme but how each piece fit in relation to all of the others. The influences were excitingly vast: found poetry, Slaughterhouse Five, journaling, typography, Darwin, collage, Arabian Nights, destroyed books, Aristotle, even the personal writing of the artist.

With this many words available to you on display, do you need too many more from me about them?! With ArtWalk just around the corner, the opportunity to showcase a wide variety of motivated and inspired artists while bringing to fruition a theme I’ve believed in for some time now has been my pleasure. I encourage you all to join us through May 11th and find your own inspiration to share!


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