When you’re downtown this weekend, you’ll notice a lot of foot traffic. Market will be a bit more crowded than usual, and it’s alleyways will likely have a handful of buskers playing, singing and jamming together. Heck, if you’re within a three-block radius of the Penn Square, you’ll probably be hearing live music all night long wherever you go.

The LAUNCH Music Conference is back for its fifth year, once again bringing some of the nation’s top up-and-coming talent to downtown Lancaster for an all-things-music industry hoopla. Music venues and bars host live music showcases. The Convention Center (LAUNCH’s HQ) hosts a trade show and informational seminars. It’s the perfect example of community within an industry that just keeps on growing…

Last year, we were stoked to host two nights of live music in our space. The experience introduced us to a number of local, regional and out-of-town artists that we still keep up with (and grab drinks with when they pass through town. Looking at you, Canyon...).

Now with the recent announcement of our big plans in the Lancaster Newspaper, you might be wondering why the heck isn’t Tellus360 participating in this year’s conference?!?! With so much up in the air months ago, we just couldn’t guarantee that our space wouldn’t be a full-out construction zone at this point in time. Alas, fortune tellers, we are not.

But just because we aren’t hosting music, that doesn’t mean you can’t stop by and say hello, fair LAUNCHers! We have our 3D renders of our Amplification Project up in the store. In short – three kick-arse music venues are coming to town, complete with top-notch audio from Clair Global and some killer get-up from Atomic Design.

Also, make sure you stop by The Candy Factory and experience the Musician’s Lounge they’ve set up for Friday and Saturday. It’s another class example of the importance of community in the music industry. Jam out, network, relax, get caffeinated, charge your phones, check your email — it’s all there. And it’s brought to you by the good folks at Wood Stove House and Gigspots, two heavy-hitters in Lancaster’s music scene.

Finally, look for our own LAUNCH alums (you know, the good folks who played at Tellus360 last year….) who are returning to town this year for another run:

, 10:15pm, Lancaster Dispensing Co.

Matt Wheeler and Vintage Heart, 8:30pm, The Community Room on Prince
Seasons, 9:15pm, The Ware Center
Canyon., 9:15pm, The Community Room on Prince

Canyon., 6:45pm, Convention Center Lobby
Blind Man Leading, 8:30pm, Marion Court Room
Matt Wheeler and Vintage Heart, 9:30pm, The Taproom

Who are you excited to see this weekend??? Tell us in the comments below!